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Mobile phones
Introducing Android Oreo: Google’s new operating system 31.8.17

What sweet treats can you expect from Android Oreo? We pick out the best features of Google’s new mobile operating system coming to a smartphone near you…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
What tablet should I buy? 18.7.17

From busy mums who run the show to Instagram-loving travellers. Adobe-savvy creatives to workaholic rail commuters. Find your perfect tablet…

Software and apps
Apple, Android or Windows – what's right for you? 12.7.17

Do you go for the iPad with iOS or a Google-optimised Android tablet? There’s Windows 10 to consider too. Our guide explains everything you need to know to choose the right operating system for you…

Mobile phones
Android N: a first look at Android’s new operating system 24.8.16

What can you expect from Android N? We pick out the best features of Google’s new operating system…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
Apple, Android or Windows – What´s right for you? 25.6.16

A look at the three main operating systems for smartphones and tablets, explaining the main benefits of each one.

Fitness & smart watches
Android makes smartwatches even smarter 26.5.16

You can now reply to WhatsApp messages by talking into your wrist, with a new update to Google Android Wear smartwatches…

Mobile phones
Take super-sharp selfies with the HTC 10 14.4.16

Always taking selfies and listening to music? You’ll love HTC’s new flagship smartphone and its specially designed camera...

Mobile phones
Our guide to Android Marshmallow 10.3.16

Find out everything you need to know about Android’s new operating system with our guide…

Cool stuff
The alarm that makes you play games to turn it off 27.1.16

If you’re always oversleeping Microsoft has come up with a fun way to get you out of bed, literally, with its Mimicker Alarm app…

Software and apps
Top 5 apps to download within the first 24 hours of buying your tablet 15.12.15

Got a new tablet? Get the best from it with apps for catch-up telly, working from home and arranging your phone pics.


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