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TV sound, accessories & streaming
What home cinema set up is right for me? 25.1.18

Top-flight football and A-list movies demand the best sound quality. Your TV’s built-in speakers simply won’t cut the mustard. Upgrade with our guide to home cinema… 

TV sound, accessories & streaming
Home cinema or soundbar – which is right for me? 12.7.17

Love football? You don’t need a season-ticket to be there – create the big stadium atmosphere at home for the 2017/18 football season with a soundbar and wireless speakers…

TV & Gaming
Save money on nights out with TV tech to suit every budget 30.1.17

Going to the cinema is expensive. Bring movie-nights home with tech to suit all budgets….

TV sound, accessories & streaming
How to pump up your TV´s sound ahead of the festival season 29.4.15

Whether you are heading to a festival this year and want to re-live the memories at home, or you are going to be watching from the comfort of your sofa, here’s how to pump up your TV’s sound to feel as though you’re there.

TV sound, accessories & streaming
5 ways to boost your TV experience 19.12.14

From home cinema systems to streaming devices, we´ve got it covered

TV sound, accessories & streaming
Tell us your favourite movie soundtrack to win a home cinema soundsystem! 16.9.14

Your entry could be about your favourite film movie soundtrack, a full film score or even just a one-off song which you always associate with a particular movie moment.

TV sound, accessories & streaming
How to boost your TV’s audio: Home cinema and soundbars explained 24.4.14

Want to boost your TV´s sound? Check out our guide to home cinema and soundbars with expert tips

TV sound, accessories & streaming
Oscar-worthy home cinema tech as picked by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 28.2.14

The Oscars have given us a nod as to the films we should be watching this year - and we´ve teamed up with What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision to make that home cinema experience even sharper...