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5 pieces of tech to boost your productivity 18.10.17

Keen to up your productivity and maximise your downtime? Find out which piece of tech will most help you out…

The right tech for YouTube success 28.9.17

Sometimes all you need is the right tech. That’s why we created the ‘Ignition Moment’, and helped one lucky winner bring their YouTube idea to life…

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What is a Chromebook? 8.9.17

Looking for a budget laptop? With a Google Chromebook you can write essays, binge on Netflix and browse the web for less than £200.

Laptops, desktops & tablets
Why your new laptop should include SSD 7.9.17

Work or play, an SSD can help you get more out of your laptop. Enjoy quick start up and even quicker data transfers…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Book 6.9.17

The Samsung Galaxy Book is a powerful laptop squeezed into a tablet body. Here’s why we think you’ll be impressed too...

Hottest new tech in September revealed 5.9.17

Want the lowdown on the latest tech? Here’s our edit of the gadgets we’re currently loving…

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What 2 in 1 laptop should I buy? 24.8.17

Get the best of a laptop and tablet with a 2 in 1 device – but which is right for you? Here’s our pick for students, creatives and business folk…

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Buying a laptop for uni? Get ahead before term starts 23.8.17

Hit the ground running for the new uni term. We’ve got laptops that can work and play as hard as you and tips on how to prepare for uni life.

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Buying a family laptop? Keep everyone happy and on budget 15.8.17

Family life can be hectic – you need a laptop versatile enough to meet everyone’s needs at the right price…


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