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Laptops, desktops & tablets
Introducing the new Surface Book 2 28.11.17

The new Microsoft Surface Book 2 has landed, and it packs a real punch. This sublimely stylish laptop-tablet hybrid powers through tasks with ease and helps bring out your creative side…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
8 ways the right laptop is the ultimate life hack 1.6.17

Struggling to stay organised? Our fashion-mag-thin laptops multitask like an A-lister’s PA…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
You wouldn’t use a phone without a touchscreen, so why are you still using that old laptop? 1.6.17

Run your life from your laptop with a large touchscreen and smartphone-style apps ­– your old one will soon seem like a throwback…  

Laptops, desktops & tablets
Still putting up with that old laptop? Avoid tech fails with Microsoft 1.6.17

Fed up of multi-tasking meltdowns. Isn’t it time you sorted out your old laptop?

Laptops, desktops & tablets
10 reasons you’ll regret keeping that old laptop 1.6.17

Can you watch an entire season of Girls before your laptop finally wakes up? Or does its design make you cringe at meetings?

Laptops, desktops & tablets
Save time with a laptop that multitasks as fast as you 1.6.17

Slow laptop? Browse Facebook and stream Spotify while managing spreadsheets with a speedy new model.

Internet & WIFI
How to protect your computer from viruses 15.5.17

Worried about the NHS cyber-attack? Protect yourself with these top tips…

Hottest new tech in November revealed 18.11.16

The first Surface desktop computer, a new, more powerful MacBook Pro and Microsoft Paint in 3D. Our edit of the gadgets we currently love…

Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book – which is right for you? 17.11.16

The ‘tablet that can replace your laptop’ or the ‘ultimate laptop’ – which of Microsoft’s high-end Windows 10 devices is for you?

Windows 10
Why is Windows 10 going 3D? 3.11.16

Everyone knows Microsoft Paint. Now it’s being overhauled in the name of 3D as part of an upcoming Windows 10 update. Prepare for the 3D revolution…


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