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What is HDR TV? 23.1.18

Want to see movies as the director intended? Then you’ll need to invest in a HDR TV. Find out why it offers the very best in home entertainment…

Smart home
Secure your home in a few simple steps with smart tech 23.1.18

In a few simple steps smart technology can take your home security to the next level – here’s how…

Freestanding vs built-in ovens – which is right for me? 22.1.18

Looking for a new oven but not sure what’s best for you and your kitchen? Whether you’re fitting out your first home or revamping your kitchen, we can help…

Small kitchen appliances
10 ways to make a tiny kitchen look stylish 21.1.18

From clever colour schemes to space-saving storage solutions, follow our tips for making your tiny kitchen trendy…

What is an auto-clean oven? 20.1.18

Wave goodbye to grease, grime and scrubbing pads and say hello to the weekend with an auto-clean oven…

Washing machines & cleaning
5 things to think about before buying a new washing machine 19.1.18

What size drum do I need? Are muddy stains an everyday occurrence? Do I crave laundry days as quiet as a humming fridge? You washing machine questions answered…

Save space with built-in appliances 19.1.18

Splashing out on a stylish new kitchen or creating more room in a small one? Integrated appliances could transform your home…

Kitchen & Home
Practical tips for small kitchens 17.1.18

Size isn’t everything. Maximise limited space and make your kitchen work for you with our top tips…

Fridges & freezers
7 signs your fridge freezer is on its last legs 17.1.18

Sour milk, bumps in the night and astronomically high energy bills. Here are 7 signs that your fridge-freezer may be on its way out…

Which portable wireless speaker should I buy? 12.1.18

Whether at home, in the garden or on your travels, music-lovers can enjoy their favourite tunes anytime with a portable speaker…


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