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TV & Gaming
Smart TV, media streamer or both? 22.4.18

Netflix has transformed TV. But what’s the best way to stream it to your TV - Smart TV or streaming stick? We investigate…

TV & Gaming
What is Samsung QLED TV? Everything you need to know 18.4.18

Love watching movies on Netflix and Blu-ray? Do them serious justice with a Samsung QLED TV...

Fitness & smart watches
Which smartwatch should I buy? 14.4.18

Smartwatches are great for staying connected without having to dig out your phone – some even have fitness tracking. Let us help you find the perfect one…

Which smart sound multi-room system should I buy? 3.4.18

Love Spotify? Get the best from streaming with smart sound multi-room speakers. We review the options, from Bose to Sonos…  

Smart home
How to keep your home safe while on holiday 29.3.18

Jetting off on your summer holiday and worried about keeping your home secure? Safeguard your house with our top tech tips…

Kitchen & Home
Smart Home soars at the Ideal Home Show 2018 23.3.18

Smart Home was everywhere at the Ideal Home Show. Here are our highlights from its most futuristic showing yet...

Smart home
6 Amazon Echo tips and tricks 29.1.18

Ask for anything from Domino’s pizza to tomorrow’s weather. The most useful Alexa skills, and some pretty silly ones too, revealed for your Amazon Echo…

Kitchen & Home
Smart tech belongs in the kitchen too 29.1.18

Cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, organising the family week – it’s all done from the kitchen. Find out how a smart kitchen can help you stay in control…

Can smart thermostats save money? How to reduce your energy use with Nest 28.1.18

Tired of big heating bills? Find out how you can keep them down with a Nest Learning Thermostat…

Smart home
Control your lighting from your phone with Philips Hue smart bulbs 28.1.18

Smart light bulbs are no gimmick – they’re proven to boost kerb appeal, secure your home and generally make life a whole lot easier…


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