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Mobile phones
Sony and LG smartphone announcements at IFA 2017 31.8.17

The first day of Europe’s largest consumer tech show has come to close, and we’ve seen some big announcements from LG and Sony. Both manufacturers have unveiled new smartphones, the LG V30 and Sony Xperia XZ1, respectively.


TV & Gaming
The Last Guardian review 8.12.16

It's been years in the making. Finally, the follow-up to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus hits PS4. Discover what we thought...

DSLR & CSC cameras
Nikon and Sony at The Photography Show 2016 22.3.16

We got hands-on with some of the most exciting new camera kit from Nikon and Sony at The Photography Show 2016…

Sony at E3 2015 16.6.15

Sony’s press conference is always one of the most keenly anticipated events of E3, and this year’s showcase revealed the return of some old favourites along with a few exciting new prospects.

Compact cameras
9 reasons why Sony´s new compact cameras will make the perfect travel companion 5.5.15

Introducing the Cyber-shot™ HX90/HX90V and WX500, the newest range of compact cameras from Sony. A small addition to your suitcase that will have a big impact on your holiday.

Win a pair of Sony MDR-10RC Hi-Res Audio Headphones [Twitter] 6.3.15

We´ve got 8 pairs of Sony Hi-Res audio headphones to give away.  All you need to do for a chance to win is to retweet the below tweet:

´RT to #WIN 1/8 pairs of Sony MDR-10RC Hi-Res Audio headphones. Learn about Hi-Res audio here:´ 

Geographical restrictions: UK residents on...

Fitness & smart watches
Stop the clocks: comparing the best smartwatches on the market 30.5.14

Here we take a look at three of the best smartwatches available at the moment, all of which you’ll find in the Curry’s range.

Bose Quiet Comfort 15 vs. Sony MDR-1R 6.11.13

Audiophiles often have a hard time choosing between various brands and types of professional headphones. Recently, the comparison between Bose Quiet Comfort 15 and Sony MDR-1R has generated some sparks and the better of the two has yet to be found. Their technical specifications are very similar, and the price point is practically the same, which makes it difficult to pick one over the other. Is the Sony noise cancelling technology better than the one used by Bose? How do they fare in terms of build quality? The best thing to do when comparing these two is to regard them as different products, instead of trying to find the better one.

Are Sony’s MDP-ZX100 the Best Budget Headphones Available? 5.11.13

Since Sony is a well-established name in the world of home audio, the phrase “cheap Sony headphones” might sound like a contradiction in terms. The Japanese manufacturer produced the world’s first portable music player in 1979, and played a major role in the development of compact discs around the same time, but that does not mean that all of its products come at a premium price. You can easily find headphones and other audio equipment bearing this name at very reasonable prices. Sony MDR-ZX100 is one of the best examples that this company makes products for all pockets, so if you’re searching for a great pair of headphones that won’t break the bank, look no further!

Action & camcorders
Sony unveils waterproof smartphone with ´ground-breaking´ camera at IFA Berlin 4.9.13

Sony launches a new waterproof Xperia smartphone capable of taking “world-leading photographs” at IFA Berlin


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