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TV sound, accessories & streaming
What is Ultra HD Blu-ray? 11.1.18

Here’s everything you need to know about 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray so you can take Friday movie night to the next level.

The latest news from Samsung at CES 2018 9.1.18

Samsung’s annual announcement at CES is always a highlight. And this year they didn’t disappoint, with exciting news about AI, new technology and more.

TV & Gaming
LG unveils new products that ThinQ at CES 2018 8.1.18

LG kicked off CES with some huge news about artificial intelligence and bigger, brighter televisions that can even order you a pizza.

TV & Gaming
Voice-control your TV with Google 27.11.17

Watching TV no longer requires a remote. Discover how you can pair the new Google Home Mini with Chromecast to control your TV simply by using your voice.

TV sound, accessories & streaming
Beat Christmas boredom with TV streaming 15.11.17

Avoid arguments about what to watch on TV at Christmas with a range of TV streaming services at your fingertips…

TV & Gaming
Forget Netflix and Chill: here are the top TV terms you need to know from 2017 1.11.17

From "mansurfing" to "phantom flixers", here are the new terms you'll want to add to your TV vocabulary.

Choose the right 4K TV this Christmas 26.10.17

Is a new television set on your wish list this Christmas? If so, here’s a look at some of the best 4K televisions on the market – for every budget…

Our top recommended LG TVs this Christmas 24.10.17

Looking for a new TV set this Christmas? Then why not consider LG’s award-winning range of Smart televisions...

What can I watch in 4K this Christmas? 24.10.17

There’s a great selection of films and TV shows for you to watch in 4K this festive season. Here are some of our faves…

Want a new TV or camera? Make it an EISA award winner 6.9.17

Want TVs, cameras and Blu-ray players that have been handed prestigious awards by technical experts? Check out our EISA award winners…


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