5 essential gadgets for armchair sports fans

Love nothing better than plonking yourself down on the sofa for the 6-hour football marathon? Or for the duration of the one-day Test cricket? Make your armchair sports experience even better with these 5 gadgets…

Love nothing better than plonking yourself down on the sofa for the 6-hour football marathon? Or for the duration of the one-day Test cricket? Make your armchair sports experience even better with these 5 gadgets…

1. Keep up with the latest scores with a tablet

Tablet Tv Small

Sometimes, the games taking place at the same time as the one you are watching will have an impact. If ‘so and so beats so and so we won’t qualify for Europe’, if ‘what are they called draw with what are they called we might be relegated’.

You can keep tabs on what’s going on in these other fixtures with the help of a tablet and the Sky Sports apps.

Things to think about when buying a tablet for sport:

  • Apps: If you want the Sky Sports apps and The Sun Goals app (which lets you watch highlights of the afternoon’s goals after the final whistle) then look at iPads or Android tablets.
  • Design: Watching 2 football matches back to back a la Super Sunday takes up a whole afternoon. You want a tablet that’s light and comfortable to hold.
  • Screen Quality. If you have Sky TV then you can watch Sky Sports on your tablet using the Sky Go app. For this look at tablets with higher-resolution screens.

A tablet we love for armchair sports fans is the Google Nexus 9 tablet. It has a high res screen and a long battery life.

2. Avoid getting up for a drink with a mini-fridge

Mini Fridge

You’ve been thinking about getting a drink for ages. But you don’t want to take your eyes from the tennis. It’ll take a good 30 seconds to walk to the kitchen, open the fridge, grab a drink and walk back to the sofa. And you know that’ll be the 30 seconds when one of the best rallies of all time is played out.

A mini-fridge is the answer. This can be filled with drinks and placed at arm’s reach.

Things to think about when buying a mini-fridge for drinks:

  • Size: How many cans of pop or beer are you going to want to store in your mini-fridge? You can fit around 40 cans in a 49-litre fridge.
  • Wine:Want to keep wine in the fridge too? Look at a specialist wine cooler. These are designed to keep wine at its optimum temperature, and some let you keep different areas of the fridge at different temperatures for storing beer and soft drinks too.

A great mini-firdge for the armchair sports fan is the Husky Budweiser mini fridge.

3. Stay cool in the sweltering living room with a fan

Dyson Fan

Sport and summer go hand in hand. Wimbledon in June, Test cricket between England and Australia in July. With the sun shining through the window, your living room is likely to get hot.

Keep everyone cool (temperature wise, at least) with a Dyson fan.
Reasons we love Dyson Cool fans:

  • They’re safer for children.They’re bladeless - no blades means less risk to curious little ones.
  • They’re quieter. The lack of blades also allow these to run more quietly than conventional fans – who wants a load of whirring noise when watching the match?
  • Bye-bye choppy air. The airflow is smooth and uninterrupted, again thanks to the bladeless technology.
  • Super easy to clean and operate. They are simple to wipe down (no grilles or blades) and can be switched on or off from the sofa with the remote control.

4. Know when you need to get up for a minute with the Jawbone activity tracker

Jawbone Up

A one-day cricket Test match is engrossing stuff. You can easily lose track of the time and not realise how long you’ve been sitting in the same spot. Be reminded when you’ve been sat for too long with a Jawbone fitness band.

It’ll give you a gentle buzz to let you know it’s time to exercise (or pace round the living room for a few seconds before sitting back down).

5. Never miss the fight with a decent alarm clock

Alarm Clock

Some of the biggest sporting events take place in the middle of the night. Boxing matches held in Las Vegas, and cricket played Down Under means if you want to watch you have to get up ridiculously early or ridiculously late.

Make sure you don’t sleep through the action with a good alarm clock.

Things to think about when buying an alarm clock to wake you for sport:

  • Plug it in. If you set your alarm to wake you up only for it to run out of batteries, you’d be pretty annoyed. Dodge such a ridiculous situation by opting for a mains-powered model.
  • Radio. Wake up to the pre-fight commentary and banter by opting for radio alarm clock.
  • LED display. Avoid hitting the snooze button with an LED display that makes the time pretty clear.

We hope you enjoy watching sports this summer, make sure your TV is set up correctly to get the best picture quality.