4 accessories to take your PC gaming to the next level

Full-throttle racing games made bone-shudderingly realistic and the kit behind the gaming stars of YouTube. 

PC gaming

1. The ultimate gaming headset

Comfortably play Destiny 2 or Horizon Zero Dawn for hours on end with pro-standard gaming headphones.

Forget distractions, your head will be fully in the game with the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset. You’ll get unrivalled sound quality from dual chamber technology, which can separate the bass from the mids and highs.

Even your teammates will get a better audio experience with the noise-cancelling microphone.

Where can you get this holy grail of headphones? Exclusively at Currys PC World – pre-order the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset from 11th September


2. Travel at your own speed

Go up in the sky as a virtual pilot 

Wannabe pilots can get a good idea of what it takes to fly a real plane with flight simulator games.

Landing jumbo jets with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X? Flying F-15 fighter jets in Lock On: Modern Air Combat? Or maybe you're just getting a feel for what life in the cockpit is like with Dovetail Games' Flight Sim World - whatever you're piloting, there are some incredible flight sims out there.Saitek Pro flight

Make your experience even more authentic with the right hardware. The Saitek flight system gives you realism, control and the reliability to simulate ‘what it feels like to truly fly an aircraft’. 

Get the Saitek Pro Flight System

Or behind the wheel for Forza

Give Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsports the tools they deserve by getting behind a proper steering wheel. Tight-corners, high-adrenaline overtaking and sharp braking – this is no place for the joypad.

With the Logitech Driving Force steering wheel, you’ll feel every inch of the race. It looks and feels like a proper steering wheel and has force feedback, so you’ll feel the car react to your actions when you brake hard or pull round a tight corner.Driving force logitech bundle

Go through the gears just like a real car with the Logitech shifter bundle. Short shift from 3rd to 5th or down to 2nd for a boost of power out of that corner.

Get the Logitech Driving Force G920 bundle for Xbox or get the Logitech Diving Force G29 PlayStation 


3. Get your game up in lights

Bring some razzmatazz to your gaming rig with a keyboard that’s illuminated with flashing lights. Razer is one of the biggest names in PC gaming, and its Chroma keyboard is essential for gamers craving the personalised touch. It puts a spectrum of 16.8 million colour options at your fingertips – from twinkling starlight to a ripple effect.

Razor Chroma Keyboard

But these keyboards do more than look pretty. Razer has been working with games developers to integrate the flashing lights of Chroma into actual games, such as multiplayer shooter Evolve Stage 2 and martial arts Blade & Soul. When playing Grand Theft Auto, the keyboard even flashes red and blue to indicate the police are on your tail.

Get the Razer Chroma keyboard


4. Be the next YouTube gaming star

Some of YouTube’s biggest stars are gamers, with channels boasting millions of subscribers offering tips, hacks, reviews and general chat. You may be thinking ‘I’d love to do that, but how do I go about it?’

It’s actually nowhere near as complicated as you might think. There’s some great content on how to set-up a channel at the YouTube Creator Academy.

Once you’ve got the basics in place, start thinking about your gaming content with the Elgato Streaming Bundle. 

Legato Streaming bundle

Stream your live gameplay from your Xbox or PlayStation to YouTube at 60fps in Full HD. If you’re doing a guide, or want to show off practised moves, you can record your footage with the game capture card and then upload to YouTube as a video. Thanks to the versatile design of the Blue Yeti mic, you can also record a whole variety of audio in any environment. From outdoor recordings to instrumentals and voice overs, you get clear crisp sound that you control.

Get the Elgato streaming bundle




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