8 reasons to choose a gaming PC

PC gaming used to specialist. Nowadays it’s much easier to get involved. 8 reasons to choose a gaming PC…

Traditionally PC and console gamers have been far apart. PC gaming was home to dedicated enthusiasts happy to spend loads on hardware, who thought nothing of taking a desktop to pieces and putting it back together. Console gaming, on the other hand, was seen as more accessible and less demanding. The natural home of the gamer who didn’t want to faff around adding RAM and graphics. But the gap between the two is narrowing, with PC gaming welcoming many new gamers into the fold. 

PC Gaming

Why is PC gaming going mainstream?  

A pre-assembled gaming PC is becoming more affordable – with more models that have powerful processing and graphics tech built in. The rise of online gaming platform Steam, which has tens of millions of users, makes the latest games more accessible and offers a platform to share tips and chat. Latest developments with Windows 10 mean there’s even the opportunity to play with and against friends who’re playing on console.

And PC gaming also leads the way in free-to-play games, like iconic eSports title League of Legends.


What is a gaming PC?

Traditional desktops PCs with higher spec tech than you get in an average PC – enabling you to play demanding games. 

With a gaming PC you can enjoy…

  • Smooth gameplay at 60 frames per second in Full HD with high-end NVIDIA GTX graphics
  • Run the most demanding games with Intel Core i5/i7 processor with 4 (quad) cores
  • Push your PC to its limits without overheating with innovative cooling technology
  • Much faster load times of your games with lightning quick SSD or solid state drive storage


8 reasons to choose a gaming PC

1. The gaming experience is unbeatable

For a hands-down incredible gaming experience you cannot beat a gaming PC. The potential for playing the likes of Battlefield and Overwatch at 60 frames per second or higher is really something.

For the very best experience play games in 4K. You’ll need a 4K TV or monitor, while only the best graphics card – the NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti – will do. Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are among the 4K games available.


2. Future-proof your gaming system 

As long as you have enough space in the tower you can upgrade the different components to your heart’s content – keeping you at the cutting-edge. You can always add more memory or a new graphics card later down the line. This can be a challenge but you can find a tutorial on YouTube if this is the route you want to go down.


3. They’re virtual reality ready

Virtual reality is the next big thing in gaming, and it’s here today. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, the most powerful headsets, will only run on a PC with the required spec. VR through one of these headsets and a high-end PC will be more immersive than through its console counterpart. Steam is among those creating games in VR.

Even for gaming PCs, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive require some serious oomph. What do I need for VR gaming? 

Oculus Rift

4. Not just for gaming 

The same features that make your PC great for gaming, such as power and speed, also make it the perfect computer for day-to-day use and more. If you do a lot of photo editing or work with expansive worksheets in Excel, you’ll appreciate the capabilities.

But you don’t need to run powerful software to get the most out of it – choose a wide gaming screen for cinematic Netflix boxset binges.


5. And play nicely with Xbox

Windows is committed to narrowing the gap between console and PC gamers. Games bought digitally can be played on both PC and Xbox with Windows new Play Anywhere feature. You can start a game on your PC then pick up on your Xbox later – and play against friends online who are using Xbox while you’re playing on your Windows PC. 

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6. They have Steam

Steam is an online PC gaming service with 125 million users worldwide – Xbox Live has 48 million to put that into perspective. Valve, the developer of iconic games like Half Life, is behind Steam. Once installed on your PC, you can download and buy games that are saved in your own online library.

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7. You can play mod versions of your favourite games

For as long as games have been played on PCs, enthusiasts have created mods to make them better.

From new costumes and high-tech armour to updated graphics, mods can make you fall back in love with older games while new ones become more exciting. What’s more, they’re often free.


8. Better aim and more control

When transitioning from console to gaming on a PC you can still use your Xbox controller for playing games. But if you want better precision, especially with first-person shooters, you can’t beat the mouse and keyboard.

And, depending on the game, you can set up your favourite hotkeys all over your keyboard for game play. Real-time strategy games benefit the most from a mouse/keyboard setup.

Game keyboard


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