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8 reasons to choose a gaming PC 15 November 2016

PC gaming used to specialist. Nowadays it’s much easier to get involved. 8 reasons to choose a gaming PC…

Playstation 4 pro – how does it perform? 11 November 2016

Sony’s superpowered version of the PlayStation 4 has finally hit the shelves, but how does the PlayStation 4 Pro perform against the old version?

Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Pro – which one should you choose? 31 October 2016

The PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One S are the hottest consoles in town this Christmas…

Trick or Treat with Pokemon Go’s Hallowe’en update 26 October 2016

Learn more about why there are more spooky treats in store for Pokemon Go players over Hallowe’en...

What is PlayStation VR? Everything you need to know 19 October 2016

Find out more about Sony’s virtual reality headset with our guide to PlayStation VR…

Xbox Project Scorpio and PlayStation Pro – the next generation of games consoles 09 September 2016

Xbox Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo are the next generation of the original next-gen consoles – PS4 and Xbox One. So, what can we expect from the latest releases?

Essential tech for VR gaming 24 August 2016

Virtual reality is one of the biggest gaming trends of 2016. If you’re thinking of investing in a headset you’ll need the right tech to get set up…

Xbox gaming gets social with Beam 19 August 2016

If you’re an Xbox fan, broadcasting your gameplay is about to get a whole lot more interactive as Microsoft buys Beam livestreaming platform. Find out more…

Gamescom 2016 round-up: the latest gaming tech revealed 18 August 2016

Gamescom, Europe’s answer to America’s E3 game conference, is well and truly underway. With press day now behind us, we’ve rounded up the biggest announcements that you need to know about.

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SEGA brings back the classic Mega Drive 16 August 2016

With 80 games built-in and a port for old cartridges, the SEGA Mega Drive is a retro gamer’s dream…


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