Which gaming PC is right for you?

Slick PC games are power-hungry, and demand a certain type of computer with plenty of oomph under the hood. Our top gaming PCs for every budget…      

Gamers need serious power and performance from their PCs. That’s why gaming PCs are a category of their own. Read our rundown of the most important features and 3 of our favourite gaming PCs across our range. 

  • Processing power: PC games are demanding, and need Intel Core processors with multiple cores to handle more things simultaneously – Core i5 or i7 is recommended.
  • RAM: For demanding games to run efficiently you need enough internal memory – start with 8GB RAM. You can easily add more if needed.
  • Dedicated graphics: Graphics that have their own memory and don’t run off your laptop’s main processor – NVIDIA GTX and AMD R9 are the main options.
  • SSD: Games will load faster and move between levels more efficiently with SSD storage – an innovative type of hard drive with no moving parts and slender design.


PC Specialist Vortex Core

In a nutshell: An introduction to PC gaming that doesn’t blow the budget but has plenty of power for eSports League of Legends

This budget-friendly gaming PC is a great step up for a teenager who has spent the past few years playing a console. eSports are massively popular games played in competitions by pro gamers, and the Vortex has plenty of power for League of Legends and Counter Strike. With 8GB RAM it has as much internal memory as some high-end gaming PCs.

vortex core

It’s more limited with its processor and graphics. Its Intel Core i3 processor has 2 rather than 4 cores, meaning it’s not designed for the more demanding PC games. It does have dedicated graphics, but its 2GB of NVIDIA GTX 950 are a minimum requirement with more powerful gaming PCs having 4GB.

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Acer Predator G3-710

In a nutshell: Powerful Full HD gaming with overclocking and cooling system for demanding sessions

If you’re looking for your first proper gaming PC with a bit more power this is a good option. Games run smoothly thanks to the Intel Core i5 processor – which has 4 individual cores to handle more demanding games. Enjoy detailed Full HD visuals thanks to 4GB of dedicated graphics from NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970.


With their powerful components pushed to their limits, gaming PCs can overheat disrupting your gameplay. This Acer Predator has an innovative cooling system to prevent overheating when playing demanding games.

Overlocking makes your computer run faster. It normally involves manual tinkering, but on the Predator you simply hit the big red Turbo button for instant overclocking.

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HP Omen 870-116NA 

In a nutshell: Exceptional graphics, VR Ready and built to last session after session

Built for the serious gamer, this machine will go the distance and keep you impressed. Be part of the game – the Omen comes with the latest virtual reality systems ensuring you have a seamless out-of-box experience. Plus it runs quietly – no need to crank up the sound to cover the annoying hum of the PC. 

And it’s not just for VR. The NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card makes every game look that much better. Four cores of processing power from the Intel Core i5 processor will ensure game play is as smooth as silk. Play for hours on end without overheating – the liquid cooling system draws heat away from sensitive parts. 

Use Windows 10 to connect to your Xbox One console directly from the Omen. And when you’re finished playing you can also use it for photo editing, serious spreadsheets or any other work related needs. Although not available just yet, the HP Omen is coming soon.


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