Xbox Project Scorpio: Everything you need to know

Microsoft calls Xbox Project Scorpio ‘the most powerful console yet’. Read on to find out how…



What is Xbox Project Scorpio?

The follow up to the Xbox One and Microsoft’s answer to the PS4 Pro. It was first teased at E3 2016, and is expected to make a full launch at this year’s E3 in June.Scorpiotech

What is it all about?

Microsoft says it’s ‘the most powerful graphics processor that’s been put into a game console’. At its heart is the concept of true 4K gaming – great news for anyone who has recently bought a 4K TV. ‘The box we are creating is incredible,’ said an Xbox spokesperson last year.


What’s the latest?

Microsoft has now shared more details about the Scorpio with tech news sites Digital Foundry and Eurogamer. Gaming journalists were invited to Xbox HQ at Redmond, Washington to be shown underneath the hood of the new console.

‘We're very impressed,’ wrote Eurogamer editor Oli Walsh – here’s what he found…


Much more powerful than Xbox One

At the heart of a games console is the processor and the one inside Scorpio is 30% faster than the one inside Xbox One. 

When it comes to graphics, consoles need serious power to handle today’s visually stunning games. And the Scorpio will have 4.6 times more graphics power than Xbox One. But perhaps more importantly it will also beat Sony’s PS4 Pro when it comes to graphics and processing power. 

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Crunching the numbers

The latest specs confirm the console will have 8 CPU cores – the same number as PS4 Pro. But we now know the 8 cores in Project Scorpio will be faster than PS4 Pro

  • Project Scorpio core runs at 2.3GHz
  • PS4 Pro cores run at 2.1GHz

To put this into context, the cores in the Xbox One are considerably slower at 1.75GHz.

Graphically, it will also be faster the PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro has 36 cores compared to Project Scorpio’s 40. The 40 cores in Scorpio run faster than those in in the PS4. Again to put into context, Xbox One has just 12 cores. Scorpio can handle 6 teraflops per second. More flops mean more graphics moving faster. And a teraflop is a trillion flops.

But what does all of this extra speed mean?


Say hello to true 4K gaming

If you have a 4K TV or are looking for a reason to buy one then Project Scorpio could be just that. The future of gaming is 4K, with PC gaming and PS4 Pro already – delivering 4K-optimised games. Now Project Scorpio joins the party with 6 teraflops of computing capability for handling 4K resolutions.

Microsoft showed a stress-test demo of Forza Motorsports 6 with a track-full or cars whizzing around at high speed with rain pouring and lightning flashing. Project Scorpio ‘smashed it’ according to Eurogamer – with the game running at full 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.


What if you don’t have a 4K TV?

No matter. Because Microsoft has said all Scorpio games will have to be playable on HD TVs too. So there’ll be no ‘games for 4K TVs only’. 

What’s the point? Well even on a Full HD TV games will look incredible as Scorpio will optimise the game to suit the resolution of your TV. So this will give you ‘superb image quality - basically, a fantastically smooth and pretty picture’ even on a HD TV, says Eurogamer.Xbox

What about Xbox One games?

You’ll be able to play your Xbox One games on Scorpio, with the extra oomph of the new console unlocking better performance from those games. From frame rates to resolution and load times to textures – your Xbox One will run better on Scorpio.


Anything else?

Yes, Project Scorpio will also have an Ultra HD Blu-ray player built-in. Another major boost if you already have a 4K TV. It also uses cutting-edge cooling technology (like you would find in a high-end gaming PC) to stop the processor overheating.


When can I get it?

We’re expected to learn more about Project Scorpio (including its name) at E3 in June. Microsoft previously said it expected it to be on sale for Christmas 2017.


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