Set up your living room for watching football

Prepare your living room for the summer of football with our top tips…

This summer is going to be all about the football which means it’s also going to be all about your TV.

Get as close to the big game atmosphere as you can by following our tips for setting up your living room for cheering on England in France.


1. Upgrade your old TV

There’s no point watching the beautiful game on a TV that makes it look dull and unexciting. Get set up with a proper telly like a 4K Ultra HD TV. What is a 4K TV? It has 4 times the resolution of a Full HD set, offering vastly improved picture quality, as well as sharper, more vibrant colours.

You get the best results when you watch content recorded or broadcast in 4K on your 4K TV. But they also do a great job of making regular HD content much sharper thanks to a clever trick called upscaling.

So when you’re watching the football this summer on BBC HD, it’s going to look even better.

You can watch top-flight domestic football in proper 4K too by subscribing to BT Sport Ultra HD – a dedicated 4K channel.

4K UHD TVs to suit different budgets


2. Put your new TV on the wall

Mounting your TV on the wall will free up a large chunk of floor space in the room. The centre of your TV should roughly be at eye level with your sitting position on the sofa or chair.

And with a 4K UHD set, you’ll still get an incredibly rich image, even if you don’t have the living room space to sit as far away from the screen as you’d like. That’s because the picture doesn’t break down when you get right up close to it like with bigger HD TVs.

CURRYS_TV_Viewing _Guide _300dpi

3. Try to offset screen glare

No one wants to watch football with their hand shielded across their face, nor do they want to sit in a darkened room on a sunny day. Choose a TV wall mount with a tilting bracket to angle your TV away from the reflection.

Check out our guide to wall-mounting your TV


4. Create big stadium sound

A super-sharp picture is only one part of creating the big stadium atmos at home. Sound is just as important, and built-in TV speakers need a helping hand if you want to hear the roaring crowd, the players' shouts and the thwack of the ball as though you're right there in the stadium. The options are a…

  • Soundbar: Easy to set up and compact, a soundbar gives you near surround sound without taking up too much space.
  • Home cinema system: Speakers arranged around the room. Get sound from behind, to the side and in front of you, just like at the cinema.


5. Have drinks on hand

Offer your buddies a drink without getting up from the sofa with a mini fridge. Small and compact, the fridge can be slotted down the side of the sofa so you never miss a single goal, penalty or red card.


6. Supply some tasty snacks

Whip up easy homemade dips in your mini chopper, such as humus or spicy salsa, and serve with toasted pitta. Make a homemade chilli the night before. Stock up on peanuts and crisps. Lay the spread on your coffee table for easy-reach munch. 

Family watching football

7. Make sure everyone’s comfortable

Put a throw on the sofa, lay some cushions on the floor and pull in a couple of kitchen chairs. Get the Sunday papers in so they can read the back pages.


8. Keep it social with an iPad

Get your tablet charged and ready to go, making sure it’s close at hand so you can search for players’ vital stats and check the scores of other matches without having to change channel. You can even tweet about all the great goals from the big game as they happen.

Find your dream 4K TV for the summer of football.

9. Picture Perfect Plus

When you first get your new TV, there are a couple of steps you need to take to ensure you get the best possible picture quality. Most TVs arrive set up for the bright fluorescent conditions of a shop, so you’ll need to adjust the settings to see all the fine detail your TV is capable of.

You can learn how to make the most of your TV with the Picture Perfect video guide created by our Knowhow experts.

In simple steps, the guide will show you what to do, talk you through the settings to change and even give you a whole suite of professional quality tools to use if you want to take your viewing to the next level. Picture Perfect Plus includes test patterns for 4K UHD TVs, as well as audio setup tones for optimum speaker placement.