Sky Q: everything you need to know

Perfect for families who may battle over who’s watching what, Sky’s new luxury TV package, Sky Q, is about to shake up our TV viewing habits…

Perfect for families who may battle over who’s watching what, Sky’s new luxury TV package, Sky Q, is about to shake up our TV viewing habits…

Move over Netflix, there’s a new TV package coming to town. And it’s aiming high. 

Sky’s new luxury TV package, Sky Q, offers an array of new products that all connect wirelessly to let you do things no other TV package currently can.

It’s perfect for families who may battle over who’s watching what, as now you can record multiple channels while watching another at the same time. So no one need ever miss out on their favourite soap again.

What’s special about Sky Q?

  • Fluid Viewing – lets you pause watching a show on the TV in your living room and pick up where you left off on your tablet or another TV
  • Watch one programme live on up to 3 different TVs or 2 different tablets around your home while you record up to 4 different programmes at the same time
  • Record a live programme on your TV to watch directly afterwards on your tablet
  • Sky Q Mini – the Sky Q box’s smaller cousin which you can connect to another TV in a second room to view all the live and on demand programming available on the main box – and you don’t need another dish
  • Sky Q app for tablets
  • Sky Q Touch Remote – a snazzier, smaller remote than the current one, which is Bluetooth-operated and has a finger-operated touchpad
  • Mechanical fault repairs and servicing for no additional costs

The new interface is also said to be easy to use and very intuitive as it’s now organised into tabs including the new Continue tab which let’s you stop and start programmes on different devices. The new apps menu lets you view content in a sidebar while you continue to watch TV.

Sky Q will launch with 2 bundles with the Sky Q Silver bundle offering the most advanced features.

“We wanted to completely re-imagine TV, making it flexible and seamless across the screens in our lives,” said Stephen van Rooyen, chief marketing, sales & digital officer at Sky.

He went on to say that he thinks people will love the fact they’re launching the best TV tech on the market today at an accessible price.

What can you do with the new Sky Q and Sky Q Silver boxes?

  • Store up to 350 hours of TVs and movies in its huge 2TB hard drive with Sky Q Silver, or 150 hours with Sky Q
  • Watch UHD 4K TV content when Sky launches its 4K service in 2016

Sky are also promising to launch cool new features after the initial Sky Q launch such as a Smartphone app and voice search capability.

Sky Q goes on sale from Tuesday 9th February with home installations starting at the end of February.

With more than 20 million customers already, we’re sure Sky Q is set to shake up the TV viewing landscape. Find out more about Sky Q 

A monthly subscription for the Sky Q bundle starts from £42 and Sky Q Silver from £53 per month. Extras such as Sky Movies and Sky Sports will cost more. Equipment starts from £99.

You’ll need a 4K TV to watch Sky’s new UHD 4K service when it launches. Check out our current range of UHD 4K TVs