4K UHD TVs to suit different budgets

Super-sharp 4K UHD TVs are fast becoming the living room telly of choice – find one to suit your budget with our guide…

LG Smart 4K

With cheaper prices, smaller size options, and entertainment from the likes of Netflix and Sky, now’s a great time to buy a 4K Ultra HD TV.

With 4K, you get a picture that’s up to 4 times sharper than Full HD. More detail, punchier colours and greater picture depth await. That’s before you’ve even considered HDR – a new video format found on Netflix and Amazon Prime that gives you an even more amazing picture. 

But it doesn’t have to be expensive – we’ve got 4K TVs to suit all budgets and room sizes.

Our list of TVs can:

  • 4K stream Netflix with the HEVC/H.265 compression format
  • upscale regular movies and TV to near-4K quality with processing engines
  • work with Ultra HD Blu-ray players thanks to HDMI 2.0 ports
  • stream catch-up TV and apps via web-enabled Smart TV capabilities


1. Top end – both 4K HDR and OLED technology

In a nutshell: You want the best, budget isn’t a problem. Super-slim, with a picture that’s like real life.

Recommended TV: LG C6V 

Budget: Under £2,500LG OLED TV

If you want the very best picture quality, look at TVs with 4K, OLED and HDR technology. 4K UHD is a picture resolution, whereas OLED is a type of TV screen or panel. So you can have an OLED panel with 4K resolution – just like the 55-inch LG C6V which also boasts cutting-edge HDR.

What-Hi Fi? Sound and Vision named the LG C6V the best 52-60in TV of 2016 in its annual awards. Why? It offers deep blacks, bright whites, and incredible detail and clarity. When watching action movies with dark, shadowy scenes, the black colours will be deep and rich – LG calls it Perfect Black. This is because OLED technology lets each individual LED shut off completely. The TVs are as thin as a pencil too, because they don’t need a separate backlight like other TVs.

OLED already delivers incredible contrast. When you also add HDR compatibility you’re looking at incredible picture quality – bright skies and shadowy scenes will pop with colour and be rich in nuanced detail. 

You can stream Netflix in 4K or 4K HDR, or watch BBC iPlayer in HD with the built-in webOS – LG’s award-winning smart TV platform. 

Check out the LG C6V


2. Cutting edge 4K HDR for less than £700

In a nutshell: You’re ready to invest in a premium TV that’s future-proofed with all the right tech
Recommended TV:
Sony Bravia XD8305

Budget: Under £700Sony Bravia

The best 4K TVs also boast HDR - a new type of video used by Netflix, Amazon Prime and Ultra HD Blu-ray to deliver incredibly sharp pictures. It takes the additional detail of a 4K picture and makes it better. When you’re watching content in 4K HDR, expect layers of extra detail and colour between the brightest whites and darkest blacks. What is HDR TV?

The first 4K HDR TVs were among the most expensive you could buy. Now you’re able to buy one for less. This 43-inch Sony Bravia TV gives you 4K HDR for £699. For that you get an incredible 4K experience with rich, punchy colours, while characters’ skin tones look completely natural. You can enjoy 4K streaming with Netflix and Amazon Prime with the built-in apps. To really get the best from it, watch Ultra HD Blu-ray discs (you’ll need a player) or stream Netflix in 4K HDR – Stranger Things looks even more atmospheric.

Get the best of catch-up TV too with built-in YouView – giving you easy access to BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. It’s super-easy to search for your favourite shows and movies from the YouView home screen. 

Check out the Sony Bravia XD8305


3. Excellent entry level 4K HDR  

In a nutshell: You’re on a budget, but you want to get a TV with the best technology you can afford. 

Recommended TV: LG 43UH620V

Budget: Under £450


If you’ve read this article and want something somewhere in the middle of our first 2 TVs, this LG is a great option.

At 43 inches, this LG TVwon’t look out of place in bigger rooms, and you get great picture clarity even during the day with the anti-glare technology. The resolution is 4K, but what’s really special about this LG TV is it adds 4K HDR for less than £450. HDR is a relatively cutting-edge feature – see us explain its benefits in the Sony TV above.

Don’t expect quite the same picture quality as a premium 4K HDR TV with this LG model, though. The more you spend the better the picture will be. Having said that, this is an excellent TV for the price.

You can stream Netflix and Amazon Prime in 4K or 4K HDR where available, or watch BBC iPlayer with webOS – LG’s award-winning smart TV hub. All of your built-in apps appear along the bottom of the screen – it’s fast and easy to use.

Check out the LG 43UH620V


4. An impressive entry level 4K TV

In a nutshell: You want a 4K TV but you’re on a serious budget. You’re happy to forgo features for the right price

Recommended TV: JVC LT-43C862

Price range: Under £400


When watching content in 4K on this TV, you can expect bright, punchy colours from its 43-inch screen. Plus, you can hook up an Ultra HD Blu-ray player with the HDMI 2.0 connections. 

Freeview Play brings live TV and on-demand together, so you can go from BBC 1 to the iPlayer within the same EPG (electronic program guide). Scroll back over the past week’s TV and watch catch-up in style.

Check out the JVC LT-43C862

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