5 reasons a bigger TV is best for watching football and movies

We help you understand why it's better to go big for the football and movies…

Buying a new TV? If you go for one with a large screen you’ll get better picture quality and more immersive viewing – making it ideal for watching football or movies

Here are 5 reasons why bigger is generally better when choosing a TV.


1. Better picture quality

More than anything, a big screen will help you to make the most of your TV’s picture quality.

This is especially true if you have a 4K TV. A major benefit is that you can sit a lot closer to the TV than you would be able to with an HD one.

There’s plenty to watch in 4K – including top-flight football on BT Ultra HD, while the new Ultra HD Blu-ray discs perfectly complement a big screen. A 4K TV will also upscale the quality of any HD content you’re watching. And with prices going down, there’s never been a better time to buy 4K.

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2. See more detail

You’ll see more detail when watching sport on a large screen – like the player’s names on their shirts and the ball being kicked around the pitch. So no more arguments about whether a goal has crossed the line.


3. Feel like you’re right in the action

Whether you’re watching a match or kicking back with a film at home, you’ll get a much more immersive viewing experience.

Enjoy the special effects of an action movie as they’re meant to be seen – it’s the next best thing to watching it on a cinema screen.

Add a home cinema sound system to get cinematic sound, or use it to hear the roar of the crowd and recreate the big stadium atmosphere at home.

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4. Have loads of people watching at once

If you’re planning a match day party a bigger screen will give everyone a better view – you’ll see more of the pitch and the players won’t look so small.

Hosting a movie night at home? No one likes crowding around a small set. With a bigger screen you can make sure everyone’s comfortable watching. Then get the snacks in, put out some pillows and blankets and you’re set for a cinema-worthy night.


5. The TVs are slimmer

If you’re sold on a big TV but put off by the thought of it taking up too much space in your living room, fear not. Large screen TVs are getting slimmer because the plastic edge that goes around the screen (bezel) is much narrower nowadays.


Choosing the right screen size for your living room

The only question left to ask is what size to go for. As a rule, you’ll want to pick the biggest set you can fit in your living room – you can probably go bigger than you think.

That being said, you’ll want to get the right viewing distance and angle so that watching is comfortable. Follow our guide to help you choose.

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