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Processing rates explained: How they improve watching TV 20 July 2017

Buying a TV? Here we explain processing rates and reveal how they can enhance watching sports...

Enjoy the festival experience at home 19 April 2017

Say goodbye mud, hello smug by doing Glastonbury at home this summer. All you need to do festival season from yours…

What is HDR TV? 03 April 2017

HDR is here to make your 4K TV better – from watching Netflix and Blu-ray to playing PlayStation 4…

Sky to bring 4K to international motor racing 22 March 2017

Motor racing is heading your way in 4K in 2017 as the 4K UHD content offering grows and grows...

Crave the best in picture quality? Introducing LG OLED TVs 15 March 2017

With incredible picture quality and 4K HDR compatibility, isn’t it time you explored LG’s OLED TVs?

4K UHD TVs to suit different budgets 02 February 2017

Super-sharp 4K UHD TVs are fast becoming the living room telly of choice – find one to suit your budget with our guide…

The most amazing TVs from CES 2017 17 January 2017

CES has always been about the TVs – introducing everything from colour tellies in the 60s to 4K HDR today. Here’s the highlights from 2017...

Sony announces its first ever OLED TV at CES 2017 05 January 2017

It’s been rumoured for a while, but tonight Sony finally announced their first Bravia OLED TV in an event at their CES booth at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Why 2017 will be the year of 4K HDR TV 29 December 2016

Netflix and Planet Earth will help 4K HDR reach more living rooms in 2017. Find out more…

Enjoy football in 4K UHD with BT Sport Ultra HD 18 November 2016

BT Sport Ultra HD lets you watch top-flight football in super-sharp 4K resolution. Here’s how to get it…


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