What can I watch in 4K this Christmas?

There’s a great selection of films and TV shows for you to watch in 4K this festive season. Here are some of our faves…

Settling down with the whole family with a big box of chocolates and some great TV is a big part of Christmas. Now you can make those cosy nights even better with a 4K Ultra HD TV. For anyone looking to replace their television in time for Christmas, 4K TVs are becoming the norm.

They give you up to 4 times the detail of your Full HD sets – meaning more detail and depth to your picture. 2016 has been a landmark year for 4K content, with Sky and proper 4K Blu-ray joining Netflix and Amazon Prime. Here’s our pick of the best things to watch in 4K this Christmas.

Great movies in Ultra HD Blu-ray

There’s nothing quite like throwing on a good film after your Christmas dinner – even if you end up falling asleep by the time the credits roll.

Blu-ray has always been the best way to watch movies, but until now the technology was lagging behind the latest 4K TVs. Ultra HD Blu-ray is designed specifically for 4K TVs and new 4K Blu-ray discs and offers 4 times the resolution of standard Blu-ray for greater detail and depth. They also take advantage of another innovative technology, HDR, for more nuanced detail in shadowy scenes and more colours.

For the best home cinema experience, hook up your 4K TV to an Ultra HD Blu-ray player like the Samsung UBD-K8500

Samsung Blu ray

Samsung are giving away these 4K Blu-ray discs when you buy the K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player over Christmas:

  • The Martian: This space epic directed by Ridley Scott looks superb in 4K Blu-ray. If your 4K TV has HDR too, then it’s simply spectacular
  • The Revenant: This Oscar-winning survival story set in the snowy wilderness of the 1800s looks incredible in 4K – the detail and colour could put you off your Christmas pud though  
  • Independence Day: This ‘90s classic about aliens taking over Earth needs no introduction – the visual effects look spectacular, with vivid explosions and shadowy detail

Offer available while stocks last.


Christmas football in 4K

Christmas is a time for friends and family – and sport. And now you can combine all 3 by watching big games on your 4K telly instead of traipsing to the match on a cold morning.

BT Sport Ultra HD will be showing top-flight footy in 4K over the festive period – the exact fixtures haven’t been released yet. But it shows an average on 1 live match every week in 4K.

Check out how you can enjoy football in 4K

Sky too has also started showing top-flight football in 4K, with its coverage kicking off on the first day of the 2016/17 season – with plans to show 124 games in 4K resolution this season.

How to watch Sky Sports in 4K

With either service see the action with 4 times the detail of Full HD. The detail is so good that viewers will be able to pick out faces in the crowd, as well as individual blades of grass and players’ boot studs.


Binge watch the latest box-sets

Behind on the latest box-set? Use the Christmas holidays to catch up with Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video on your TV. Apps for both streaming services are on most 4K TVs, and both have an ever-increasing roster of 4K shows, such as:

  • Stranger Things: This nostalgic, 1980s-set US show is one of this year’s biggest hits – and it’s all on Netflix. If you loved the Goonies or ET, you’ll love Stranger Things
  • Transparent: Golden Globe-winning comedy, all about a family that discovers a long-buried secret about their father. Get it at Amazon Prime

Christmas TV

You can also access Netflix and Amazon on your 4K TV through the Amazon Fire 4K TV box. It puts all your streaming and catch-up TV apps in one place, and offers instant streaming with no buffering. Stream your favourite shows with an Amazon Fire 4K TV box

How to stream Netflix and Amazon in 4K


Watch Sky Cinema in 4K

Sky Movies was relaunched as Sky Cinema in the summer, bringing 4K movies to your 4K TV.

From ‘90s classic Forrest Gump – such a good family film for Christmas – to iconic gangster movie The Godfather (not so Christmassy) there are over 70 on-demand movies to download and watch whenever you want.

New films are being broadcast on the Sky Cinema channels, including premieres of The Revenant and Bond film Spectre

To watch content in 4K you need the Sky Q Silver box and subscription package – find out more.

The curved screen on this LG C6V OLED TV will really pull you into the action when watching a movie. It combines 4K resolution with OLED picture technology – expect deeper blacks and brighter whites as well as improved sharpness and detail.OLED LG

4K offers up to 4 times the detail of Full HD TV, while you can expect finer detail in shadowy scenes and more vibrant colours with HDR.

Get the LG C6V 4K OLED TV

Ready to experience 4K? Find the right 4K TV for you.