What can I watch on my 4K TV?

Football fan? Do the 2017/18 season justice with Sky Sports in UHD and a new 4K TV – plus, keep the rest of the family entertained with Netflix and Amazon Prime


Why do we need 4K content?

4K TVs are at their best when paired with proper 4K content – much like you’d watch Sky Sports HD or a Blu-ray to get the best from your Full HD TV.

Sky Sports, Netflix and Amazon all have content that packs in 4 times as much detail as HD. Here’s what you can watch…


Broadcast TV

In a nutshell: Sky Sports will show over 120 top-flight football games in Ultra HD when the new season gets under way in August

Last season’s Premier League was a nail-biter, with Spurs running Chelsea close before the Blues stepped it up a gear to claim the title with a fortnight to spare.TV

Sky showed 124 games in 4K UHD last season, with more of the same expected in 2017/18. Can Conte keep his cool? Or will Guardiola and Pochettino take centre stage? Watch the action unfold with ultimate clarity – whether in the pain of defeat or the joy of victory, the emotion has never been clearer.

Motor racing fans are also in for a treat. Sky is broadcasting all 20 races of the 2017 international motor racing season in 4K UHD.

How to watch 2017 motor racing in 4K with Sky 

BT was the first to broadcast in 4K with BT Sport Ultra HD. On it you can watch top-flight domestic football, as well the best of the European club competitions.



What do I need to watch 4K TV?

For BT Sport Ultra HD: Relevant BT TV package; BT Ultra HD set-top box; BT Infinity broadband

For Sky Q: Sky Q 2TB box with Sky Sports and/or Sky Cinema Sky Broadband recommended for the best Sky Q experience, but compatible with other services


Netflix and Amazon streaming

In a nutshell: Clarkson’s The Grand Tour and Netflix hit, Stranger Things, have never looked so sharp

Netflix and Amazon Prime are also at the forefront of the 4K revolution, and most of our 4K TVs have built-in apps for both streaming services, so you can watch over your home Wi-Fi.

House of cards

Netflix now offers 10 times as much 4K content as when it first began streaming in the resolution. Find the retro Stranger Things and foodie show The Chef’s Table as well as prison drama Orange is the New Black.

Amazon has dystopian post-war drama The Man in the High Castle and car show The Grand Tour among others.

What do I need?

  • Fast internet connection above 25Mbps
  • Subscription package: Amazon Prime Instant Video (£7.99 p/month) Netflix Premium plan (£8.99 p/month)


What about 4K HDR streaming?

Want something even sharper than 4K? Netflix streams content in 4K HDR – the most cutting edge picture technology around. You can already watch Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Marvel’s Iron Fist, the first Netflix show to be actually shot in 4K HDR, is available too. Watching TV

Amazon Prime Instant Video also has 4K HDR content – including Men In Black 3, the post-apocalyptic After Earth and Elysium.

Remember, you’ll need a 4K HDR TV. What is HDR TV?


Ultra HD Blu-ray

In a nutshell: Blow your old movies out of the water with a Blu-ray player and proper 4K discs

Modern 4K TVs are too good for traditional Blu-ray as it was designed to work with Full HD televisions. Enter Ultra HD Blu-ray players and special 4K discs designed for 4K UHD TVs – find out more.Blu Ray

Ultra HD Blu-ray players have 4 times the resolution of regular Blu-ray players to deliver more detailed pictures with sharp edges and 3D-like depth. Film studios like Sony and 20th Century Fox have launched 4K Blu-rays such as Oscar-winning The Revenant, Deadpool and Spider-Man 2.

What about HDR? Absolutely. Ultra HD Blu-ray discs include HDR data so when you pair them with a 4K HDR TV and an Ultra HD Blu-ray player the picture quality is superb. 

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