Which 4K TV is right for me?

Binge-watch Netflix and usher in the 2017/18 football season in style with our guide to the best 4K TVs from Samsung, LG and Sony…    


If you’re at the stage of comparing different TV brands, you may already know how a 4K TV improves on your old HD set. If not, this guide to the basics of 4K TV should help.

Now, let’s take a closer look at TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG…

4K TVSamsung

Samsung is the world’s biggest TV maker. Its QLED TVs combine 4K resolution with quantum dots ­– tiny crystals added to the TV screen. They take the added depth and detail of 4K and provide a much wider colour range – over one billion colours – and increased brightness.

Quantum dots get the best from HDR by enabling the TV to reach much brighter levels than any other television and creating a much wider colour range. 

How do quantum dots work?

From fireworks to football pitches and star-filled skies to spectacular explosions, bright scenes will look like never before thanks to the brightness levels of Samsung QLED TVs.

Samsung QLED

The brighter your TV goes, colours can become washed out. But Samsung QLED TVs keep colours vibrant even when brightness is increased with 100% colour volume. Samsung also uses local dimming technology to further improve black colours on dark areas of your screen. 

Here's everything you need to know about Samsung QLED


What’s it like to use?

Samsung TVs run the Smart Hub operating system. Switch between apps and channels using a bar on the bottom of the screen.

Aside from Netflix, what can I watch on a Samsung TV?


How will it look in my living room?

The QLED models are incredibly beautiful TVs. Near frameless with a minimalist metal design, they hang like works of art. Cable clutter is kept out of sight thanks to Invisible Connection. 


Why not try… QLED Q7F

The QLED Q7F delivers incredible picture quality on it 49-inch screen.QLED

The curved screen immerses you in the picture, giving you that big match a stadium feel.

Get the QLED Q7F



Premium LG TVs combine 4K resolution with OLED screen technology. An OLED screen doesn’t need a backlight. It forgoes the backlight because its pixels can create their own light – shutting each one off for total blackness when needed. LG OLED

This means you can have absolute black and white pixels side by side. They create the deepest, inkiest blacks around – a huge indicator of TV picture quality. Nasa says they’re great for replicating the ‘real experience of being in space’.

With these deep blacks, LG OLED TVs get the best from HDR. Expect to see richly detailed shadowy scenes – experience movies as the director intended.

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What’s it like to use?

LG TVs run the webOS operating system. This is incredibly easy to set up and use. Your channels and apps are placed along the bottom of the TV screen.

What can I watch on an LG TV? Now TV, Freeview Play and more


How will it look in my living room?

The latest LG OLED TVs look incredibly chic. Take the C7, the screen is bonded onto a thin piece of metal. The frame around the screen is near invisible.LG OLED 65C7V TV

Why not try… LG 65C7V

The LG C7 takes this superb picture quality (and chic design) and adds Dolby Atmos surround sound to create a true movie theatre experience at home.

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Sony has designed some clever technology to deliver the best 4K picture quality and get the best from HDR. LED TVs use a backlight to create your picture. TV makers use local dimming to shut off sections of the backlight to create darkness in parts of the screen.

What is local dimming?Sony Bravia KD65XE9305BU

Sony’s new improved local dimming technology, called Slim Backlight Drive+, divides the screen into lots of separate areas where the backlight can be controlled separately. This gives you much greater contrast between dark and bright areas of the screen. This helps Sony TVs get the best from HDR – enabling the screen to reach incredible levels of brightness also.

When you’re watching regular HD content, your 4K TV will upscale it to near-4K quality. Sony’s X1 processor offers some of the smoothest upscaling around. 

HDR formats supported: HDR10 (Netflix and Amazon Prime), Dolby Vision (Hollywood movies) HLG (BBC)


What’s it like to use?

Sony TVs run Google’s Android TV software. This gives you familiar Android features and access to the Google Play Store.

What can I watch on a Sony TV? Freeview Play, YouView and more


How will it look in my living room?

Sony’s latest premium TVs are chic and stylish looking. Thin bezels surround the screen while you can keep you room clutter-free with the cable storage at the back of the TV


Why not try... Sony XE93

The Sony XE93 will deliver an excellent picture whatever you’re watching on its 65-inch screen.

Get the Sony XE93

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