Why football deserves HDR TV

Football and TV technology HDR go together like strawberries and cream thanks to the amazing colour and contrast capabilities.


Watching football

HDR is the must-have feature on this year’s 4K UHD TVs. It delivers millions more colours and improved contrast between light and dark. All you need is video content encoded with HDR and a HDR-compatible telly like these.

Netflix and Amazon are streaming in HDR, and the BBC is talking about its potential. Ultra HD Blu-ray makes use of it too. 

HDR isn’t going to replace 4K TV, it works alongside it with 4K Ultra HD HDR TVs. While your 4K telly increases the number of pixels (from HDTVs’ 2 million to over 8 million), HDR works to make those pixels even better.

It stands for High Dynamic Range. Our large screen TV buyer James Parker says it’ll ‘change the way we see colour and detail in our homes’.

You won’t be able to watch football in HDR yet, but with the summer of football upon us – we show why football deserves high dynamic range.


The beautiful game full of beautiful colour

Football is a colourful game. The pitch is bright green, the shirts every colour under the sun – from bold reds and blues to bright yellows and greens. Solid block colours to stripes and hoops.

The boots are similarly kaleidoscopic – bright orange, pink and garish yellows.

Off the pitch the pundits are known to wear some pretty bold tie and jacket combos too. Then there’s the stands – awash with colour: scarves, bobble hats, replica shirts and designer coats.

4K HDR TVs can create far more colours than non-HDR tellies. There are more than a billion colour combinations, and those colours are displayed accurately too.

So everything from shirts and the stands to players’ boots and pundits’ ties would be bursting with colour.


Bright floodlights and black sky – night games even more atmospheric

There’s something about the atmosphere of evening kick-offs: a sort of romance - all cold nights, hot pies and heady European trophy hunts. The bright floodlights and dark sky are central to creating that atmosphere – adding a sense of theatre and drama to proceedings.

When watching from home you see the heat radiating from the heads of exhausted players, and the sea of colourful shirts and scarves in the stands. The floodlit stadium against the black night from above via the helicopter camera.

With a HDR TV those floodlights would shine brighter than bright. A main benefit of HDR is that it improves contrast – the difference between how light and how dark a picture you can see.

The dark shadows at the top of the stands, and the black sky beyond will be deep, inky black. The perfect contrast against the floodlit pitch.


How do you find a HDR TV?

Many of the new high-end 4K TVs released this year are HDR compatible. Look out for TV titles with 4K Ultra HD HDR in them. We stock them from Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic.

Get match day ready with your perfect 4K HDR TV