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TV sound, accessories & streaming
Set up your living room for watching football 21 March 2018

With a big summer of football coming up now’s the time to get your living room set up for the big game…

Smart home
How to keep your home safe while on holiday 29 March 2018

Jetting off on your summer holiday and worried about keeping your home secure? Safeguard your house with our top tech tips…

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Software and apps
Apple, Android or Windows tablets – what's right for you? 23 June 2018

Not sure of the difference between Apple, Android or Windows tablets? Read our guide on which one you'd prefer…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
5 questions to ask before buying a desktop computer 22 June 2018

Are you an essay writer or an artist? Do you have an iPhone? Would you call yourself a gamer? We'll help you find your perfect PC

How much data storage do I need at uni? 21 June 2018

Heading to uni? You’ll need data that packs a punch. But exactly how much do you need?

5 reasons your home needs a NAS drive 20 June 2018

Need to back-up data from more than one device? A NAS drive could be the answer…

What’s the right type of storage for you? 19 June 2018

Should you go with cloud storage, a portable hard drive or both? We’ll help you work it out…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
10 reasons to choose a Chromebook for studying 18 June 2018

If you’re after a day-to-day laptop that won’t break the bank, then see what Google’s Chromebook can do for you…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
How to choose a tablet for schoolwork 16 June 2018

With heaps of resources and special tech to aid learning, a tablet could be the perfect revision aid for your kids.

Internet & WIFI
How to protect your computer from viruses 15 June 2018

With so much personal information stored on our computers and online, cyber security is a hot topic. Here are our top tips to keeping your computer secure…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
What is the difference between Intel® Core™ i3, i5, i7 and i9 processors? 14 June 2018

Intel® Core™ processors are among the best you can buy – but which is best for you? Find out here…

3 essentials for getting set up with a new computer 13 June 2018

Setting up a new computer for school or work? We’ll help you get the best start with the essentials.

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