Rental deposit registration letter
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Rental deposit registration letter

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Are you moving into a new property soon? If your landlord asks you for a deposit, they’ll need to put in a government-authorised scheme within 30 days of you paying them the money. The scheme will keep it safe until the tenancy ends and then return the money to you, if there are no deductions.

We’ve teamed up with Kristjan Byfield to create a handy template letter you can use to make sure your landlord protects your deposit. Use this template to remind them of their obligations, and get certification that it’s been deposited in a government scheme.

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Our expert

Kristjan Byfield

Kristjan Byfield is a lettings expert at The Tenants' Voice, and founder of the multi award-winning letting agency Base Property Specialists. Having spent almost twenty years as a tenant, he has a wealth of knowledge about the renting industry.

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