Discover the perfect music for your mood with Bose

03 Jan 2017


Need a feel-good tune to get you through your Monday morning commute? Or looking for the perfect chill-out tracks for those lazy afternoons? Whatever your mood, we’ve got the perfect tracks to go with it, thanks to our new music tool.

Introducing the Mood Radio

Our Mood Radio, created in partnership with Bose, is packed with handpicked tracks from key players in the electronic music world. We asked music experts like Phonica Records and DJs Rye Wax to tell us their favourite music for different moods, and we’ve pulled together their top picks in one place.

So, whether you want to up the excitement on that big night out or need some motivation for the working week ahead, we’ve got the songs for you. Our mix of tracks is handpicked for a range of moods including Friday Night, After Party, Back to Work, Lazy Afternoons, and even Space Travel.

Forget the stress of finding that perfect song, and discover great music through our Mood Radio.

Not sure how to get started?

Just select your current mood and situation, or filter by your favourite music expert. Either way, it’ll give you beats that’ll help you pass the time faster than you can say “Hey Siri, what’s the square root of 69”? And with over 40 top-notch tracks to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love.

Top artists and DJs

What’s more, the Mood Radio features classics from the likes of Diana Ross and Prince, plus, newer tunes from St. Germain and CS + Kreme. So, grab your headphones or plug in your speakers and have a listen to our expertly curated selection of top tunes.

Great music deserves a great sound system

Not getting the sound quality you want from your speakers? Then Bose Smart Sound might be just the thing for you. The range of awesome multi-room speakers allows you to listen to your favourite music in crystal clear sound. Check out the genius new Bose Smart Sound technology now available at Currys.