Hands on with Monster’s floating boomboxes, Rave Box, and new iSport Wireless headphones at CES 2017 

Known as the company who brought us Beats headphones, Monster has been working on some seriously exciting products - and we got an exclusive look - here's all the action from the Monster camp at CES 2017…

06 Jan 2017


iSport Wireless gets an upgrade  

The iSport wireless range has previously been hailed for its high quality sound comfort. These headphones are also equipped with special noise isolation technology, meaning if you’re out on a run, you can still hear the sounds of traffic and stay safe near busy roads.isport wireless

Now, Monster have given the line of sport headphones an attractive upgrade. Longer battery life has been added to the wireless range - including the intensity headphones - which boast up to over 6 hours battery life. This means you get the same great quality of sound but you can listen for longer. The headphones are also sweat and water resistant so you can work out in all weathers.


Monster’s Rave Box gives you party lighting and sound in one

If you’re a fan of Monster’s blaster boombox revival, you’ll be pleased to know they've been even more inventive with their redesign of the retro classic. The Rave Box can blast out astronomically loud, rich sound with enough bass to keep you dancing all night.Rave Box

It’s not just the music that will get the party started though. A rave isn’t complete without the right lighting. The Monster Rave Box actually has a faceted end with a light underneath, enabling it to create stunning lightships on the ceiling or wall - depending where you place it. What's more, a chip in the Rave Box actually recognises the rhythm and beat of different music, and choreographs the colours and lights accordingly. Whether you're listening to smooth Sinatra or hip hop, The Monster Rave Box boombox can set the mood.


Making a splash with the floating boombox

Known as Battleship, Monster’s latest boombox is set to make serious waves in the near future. Similar in appearance to Monster’s Blaster – a reimagining of the 80s classic boombox, Battleship combines terrific bass with an innovative new approach to the boombox. Ideal for summer holidays and festivals abroad, the Battleship makes an ideal pool party companion. Although similar in appearance, the Battleship has a much deeper, richer bass than the blaster. The Battleship doesn’t just float, either. A discreet motor in the design actually allows you to drive the speaker via your smartphone – this is definitely not the boombox as we know it.

Battleship Boombox

We also hear there’s a few very exciting top secret announcements coming in summer, so we’re keen to see what the next few months bring. But for now, check out all the other exciting announcements from Monster at CES 2017.


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