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What headphones should I buy? 23 October 2018

If you love your music, you need a pair of headphones that will suit your lifestyle to a T. Here’s our guide to the right ones for you…

5 sports headphones to keep you motivated 23 April 2018

Determined to get fit this summer by taking up running? Whether you're aiming to complete a Park Run or have your sights set on a 10K race, we've got the right headphones to keep you on track…

Top 5 apps to get the best from your headphones 12 December 2017

From sound equalizers to software that fine tunes the audio to your hearing – here’s how you can use apps to get the best sound from your headphones…

Bose QuietComfort and SoundSport goes wireless 21 June 2016

There’s exciting news for lovers of sport, travel and music - Bose have just landed two brand new headphones. In this article, we explore the QuietComfort 35 and SoundSport wireless models… 


Hands on with Goji’s new range of headphones 08 June 2016

Looking to treat your ears to some great sounds, but don’t want to be left with an empty wallet? Good news – Goji’s new range of headphones is hitting the street and they sound better than ever.

#Soundsofsennheiser event 18 September 2015

Last night, we invited bloggers to an exclusive Sennheiser event. Find out they got on, perfecting their DJing skills and music knowledge.

Currys Monster Mashup 20 April 2015

This past weekend we invited seventeen fitness and lifestyle bloggers to our Monster Mashup event, held at St Pancreas Leisure, Kings Cross, London. The event was led with a keynote speech from Dr Costas Karageorghis, head of the Music in Sport research group at Brunel University in West London.


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