5 different headphones for 5 different situations

There are headphones for commuters, runners, and fashion-conscious teens alike - read our guide to 5 different headphones for 5 different situations, for a truly personalised present.

Headphones make an excellent Christmas gift and choosing the right ones shows you've really thought about it.

Choose the wrong ones however and it'll show you haven't.

There are headphones for commuters, runners, and fashion-conscious teens alike - read our guide to 5 different headphones for 5 different situations, for a truly personalised present.

1) Monster iSport Intensity

Who for: runners and gym bunnies

Monster I Sport Intensity

Info: If you're buying for a runner this Christmas, be sure to choose a model of earphones designed for sport.

We love these from Monster. The buds are designed to stay in your ear, while they also feature clips for a more secure fit.

When running on a cold, dark winter's night having earphones that keep falling out could signal a premature end to any new-year health kick.

These earphones deliver uncompromised audio clarity with moderate noise-isolation so you're still aware of what's going on around you - crucial if you're running on the road or at the park.

There's also a remote control on the cable for easy changing of tracks. Use this to keep the tempo in-line with your momentum - the wrong song at the wrong time can be a workout killer.  

What we really love: Sweat and water resistant, and are designed to stay on even during vigorous runs

2) Beats by Dr. Dre - UrBeats

Who for: style and sound-savvy young professionals who want to listen to tunes at work or on their commute  

Beats Ur Beats

Info: Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are loved by the fashionista and celeb crowds and in recent years have been the headphones of choice for many.

Founded by rapper Dr Dre, Beats is famed for its distinctive over-the-ear headphones and iconic 'little b' logo but now with the UrBeats you have an option that's office and lecture-hall friendly.

These in-ear 'phones have a slender, contemporary design that's great for listening to tunes in the office without anyone noticing. But despite being more diminutive there's no compromise on sound - this is the trademark Beats sound in a lightweight, in-ear package. 

They come in classic colour options such as silver and gold to accessorise with a dapper suit, or brighter designs for a more fashion-forward look. They also feature tangle-free cords to keep everything tidy.  

And when you need to take a call you can do it through the headphones, with a mic attached to the cable to pick up your speech. The cable also includes controls for switching songs or adjusting sound levels without the need to reach for your phone.

What we love: The tangle-free cable, and mic for taking calls discreetly


3) Bose Quiet Comfort 25

Who for: People who travel regularly and want premium sound quality with no interruptions

Bose Quiet Comfort 25

Info: Bose has long been synonymous with high-quality audio and these Quiet Comfort 25 headphones have just been named best noise cancelling headphones at the What Hi-Fi? Awards 2014.

These are the perfect gift for a commuter or business traveller who is passionate about music and audio.

The clever noise-cancelling tech will eliminate background noise such as conversation - even when playing music at a relatively low volume.

And they will be able to rock out too, with clear and dynamic sound which can go really big on volume. Expect percussion to ring out high, and bass that's punchy and tight.

They are also very comfortable to wear - with soft ear muffs and a padded headband for wearing for long periods of time.

They can be folded to fit in a small carry case on a clever dual hinge, and you can expect an average of 35 hours of battery life. The case even has space for a spare battery.

All of this makes these Bose the perfect travel partner for a long distance flight - for business or pleasure. 

What we love: The very clever noise cancellation technology, big sound and foldable design 


4) Sony MDR-10RC

Who for: Music lovers who want to experience the next big thing in digital sound - hi-res audio

Sony MDR 10-C


Info: If you're buying for someone who's serious about their audio this is a good place to start.
These premium Sony headphones sit on the ear and feature arguably the audio technology of 2014 - hi-res audio.

They're best used in conjunction with a high-resolution audio source like the Sony NWZA15S Walkman. However, the headphones will give you better sound on other devices too.

Hi-res audio files played through a hi-res music player and headphones will redefine the listening experience - offering better-than-CD and much-better-than-MP3 quality.

Expect audio with greater detail, texture and nuance than what you're used to. You'll hear the music as the artists intended when recording it in the studio.

There are hi-res audio streaming services available online such as Qobuz, so you will have plenty of tunes to listen to through your new headphones.

What we really love: Highly impressive hi-res audio for under £100


5) Goji Tinchy Stryder

Who for: Fashion-forward folk who want to make a statement with their headwear

Tinchy 600

Info: Buying your headphones for a teenager who's into urban music and fashion?

Hip hop star Tinchy Stryder has put his name to these headphones from Goji. They sit over the ear, and are great for everyday listening - on the way to college and when out shopping.  

They're foldable and adjustable, taking up less space when not in use, so you can take them anywhere, plus the ultra-soft breathable cushioned ear cups provide comfort and reduce noise interference.

What we love: The fresh design at an affordable price

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