Beats go briefcase with Executive headphones

The new Beats Executive headphones have been designed with sophisticated grown-ups in mind

23 Oct 2012


If you're still loyal to the records that sound-tracked your youth but have found your bosses prefer a sharp suit to baggy jeans and a Yankee cap then the new Beats Executive headphones could be the perfect tonic to your winter commute.


Sussed folk will already know Beats are seriously 'dope' among scene kids the world over thanks to Dre's involvement and a host of fawning celeb fans, however the new Executive model will fit the bill whether Dr Dre is someone you'd expect to find busting rhymes on a hip-hop record or down your local hospital donning a stethoscope.

Beats chiefs Dre and Jimmy Iovine designed the new cans with sophisticated grown-ups in mind, with the Executive effortlessly progressing from the world of B-Boys and block parties to boardrooms and briefcases.

Still, the headphones will really strike a chord among businesspeople who never quite gave up that teenage obsession with music and style. These are the cans for you if you've climbed the career ladder but kept the faith in your favourite tunes despite family members asking 'aren't you getting a bit old for these records now?'

The answer, of course, is 'no' - and with the new Beats headphones you'll be able to enjoy your favourite cuts with crystal clear precision thanks to boosted sub-bass and treble. In case you're wondering bass is the low rumbling sound and treble is the high clear sound, geddit?

Nostalgia for 'back in the day' will hit hard as you sit back, close your eyes and listen to the iconic Beats sound - just try not to be too embarrassed when the person sitting next to you on the plane complains about your hip-hop hand moves and reminds you you're flying business-class rather than cruising South Central LA.

Much flustered embarrassment can be avoided however if the complainer challenges your music for being too loud. With Beats noise-cancelling technology powerful enough to reduce a jet engine to a whisper you'll have this one all sewn-up. But don't forget to pop in some AA batteries first, for that's what powers the noise-cancelling feature, and with battery life of 25 hours you can rest assured your neighbour's quibble will soon fade to black.

You've probably already worked it out, but the Beats are pretty fly when it comes to flying or even taking the train or bus. The lightweight design means you can take them away without fretting over airline baggage weight allowances, while a natty folding feature sees them nestle into the slimmest of hand luggage.

Sound and portability aside, these headphones look good. Finished in aluminium and featuring curvaceous lines they'll be the perfect accompaniment if you're suited and booted for business. When you also consider the soft leather pads and headband you may want to go and change into something a bit smarter for fear of being shown up. Team them with the iPad or iPod and fashion journalists will be crafting breathless tweets about your style. Okay, that was a lie - but they would be if you were famous.

Instead you may have to be happy with impressing the office apprentices. The iconic b logo is bound to cut a dash with them, and they may even throw you a look which says 'my boss is down' as you place the cans on your head and button your coat.

And they won't be wrong, because you'll be wearing the headphones of 2012 and lapping up all the associated cultural cachet. As you pick up your briefcase and leave the office you'll also notice the noise-cancelling technology is so good you can barely hear their sniggering!