CES: LG launches heart rate-monitoring headphones

LG launches fitness tracker wristband and headphones which monitor your heart rate at International CES

06 Jan 2014


LG has announced a fitness tracker wristband at the International CES tech show and a pair of headphones which monitor your heart rate while you're working out to music.

Lifeband Touch LG

The South Korean tech giant also used the show in Las Vegas to showcase smart TVs running on the revived Web OS system, designed to make internet-connected tellies easier for folk to use.

We'll give you the full lowdown on Web OS later and a stack of OLED TVs to boot, but first let's talk about getting fit - it is January after all.

Tech analyst Gartner claimed wearable tech would be one of the major trends of CES 2014, and that so far seems to be the case.

With new year fitness regimes kicking in, more of us are wanting a piece of tech that we wear, research suggests. A survey of 6,000 people from Accenture found nearly half (46%) were interested in buying smartwatches and other wearable tech.

Now LG has given such folk more food for thought with a pair of fitness-related wearable gadgets.

The Lifeband Touch is a plastic wristband that tracks how many steps you have taken and calories you have burned throughout the day. It hooks up with your smartphone so you can monitor your progress.

LG Lifeband touch

(Credit: lgblog.co.uk)

Its cutting-edge OLED panel leaps into action when you rotate your wrist, while you can also receive info on calls and texts from your smartphone by connecting it via Bluetooth.

And if you're wondering whether your run is going to make you late for an appointment, it also tells the time.

Meanwhile the Heart Rate Earphones will record data of your heart rate and oxygen consumption while you're working out to your favourite beats. 

Tim Alessi, Director of New Product Development for Home Entertainment at LG told the packed press conference: "Sensors in the earphones track heart rate while you're listening to music and can provide audibe updates on your heart rate and the progress of your workout. When used in conjunction with the Lifeband Touch it will also display heart rate information on the OLED display."


We had a chat with the team over on the LG stand to get more info on LG's first fitness tracker, the Lifeband Touch. Watch the full interview below:

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