Hands on with Goji’s new range of headphones

Looking to treat your ears to some great sounds, but don’t want to be left with an empty wallet? Good news – Goji’s new range of headphones is hitting the street and they sound better than ever.

08 Jun 2016


Goji collection

Across their entire range, Goji’s ethos is the same; high quality, great-looking headphones featuring the latest technology at a price everyone can afford. Goji believes everyone has the right to great sounds and to look as awesome as the music they’re listening to.

We were lucky enough to get ears-on with the new Goji “The Collection" headphones. Here’s what we thought…


Goji The Collection Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

We kicked off our listening session with these on-ear headphones. These let you connect wirelessly to your music player via Bluetooth. As with the over-ear headphones which we talk about below, these have built-in rechargeable batteries that should give you up to 14 hours of non-stop music. You also get the added bonus of an audio cable with a 3.5mm jack included in the box, so you can still keep listening to music if the headphones run out of battery.

You’ll notice how comfy the headphones are straight away. They cushion your ears to block out quite a bit of outside noise, but the foam is soft enough not to squash your ears. 

We found the headphones were easy to adjust for a perfect fit, so they’ll suit all head sizes. The headphones also felt quite secure and didn’t shift at all, no matter how much we shook them about. 

No matter what your style, there’s a set of headphones to match. Choose from space grey, white and silver or rose gold – they all look as good as they sound.

Check out the Goji Bluetooth on ear Headphones

goji collection

Goji The Collection Over-Ear Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Next up were these Bluetooth over-ear headphones. These comfortably enclose your entire ears, giving you a fuller sense of sound and naturally blocking out more background noises. Turn on the noise-cancelling feature and these headphones actively filter out background sounds so you can focus on your tunes in peace, or simply filter out the hum of a plane so you can sleep better during your flight.

These headphones are ideal for long journeys, as the Bluetooth feature lets you connect wirelessly to your music player. You can move about freely without needing to worry about getting tangled in the cable and, as with the on-ear headphones, you also get the benefit of an audio lead with a 3.5mm jack that lets you keep listening if the battery runs out.

You’ll find easy-to-access controls on the headphones themselves, positioned around the edge of the ear cups. You’ve got everything you need, from volume controls through to a switch that activates the noise-cancelling feature.

We found these headphones really comfy. They didn’t feel like they hugged your head as tightly as the on-ear headphones, but were still easy to adjust and felt secure enough. We didn’t feel our ears getting uncomfortable or too warm after wearing them for long periods, which is ideal if you intend to use the noise-cancelling feature to block out background din as much as to enhance your favourite music.

Take a look at the Goji Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones

Goji Collection

Goji The Collection In-Ear Noise-Cancelling headphones

The in-ear headphones have an interesting shape designed to fit into the contours of your ear. This means they slip into place easily, and are held in place naturally. There’s a slight rubberised feel to the outside of the headphones, which also helps keep them in place. 

At the end of the cable is a little box of tricks – just large enough to be easy to hold, but not so big it becomes annoying. This contains the bulk of the electronics needed to work the noise-cancelling function. Turn on the switch on the side and you’ll notice a dramatic increase in sound quality, so it’s well worth keeping this little box charged up with the supplied micro USB cable. You should get about 10 hours from a full charge.

Check out Goji's in-ear noise cancelling headphones

Goji collection

What’s the verdict?

We tested the headphones on a range of different musical styles, ranging from folk through to metal, stopping off for a bit of rap and dance along the way. All the music sounded impressively full, but it was the noise-cancelling sets that really stood out. Once the noise-cancelling feature was switched on, the over-ear and in-ear headphones really sprung to life and the music felt much more punchy and vibrant.

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