Headphones on a budget? Here are our favourites!

Whether we´re losing headphones all the time, consistently breaking them, or are simply looking for a pair that won´t break the bank, budget headphones are a wise choice.

07 Nov 2013


Whether we're losing headphones all the time, consistently breaking them, or are simply looking for a pair that won't break the bank, budget headphones are a wise choice.


The good news is that there is an extensive range of headphones aimed at the budget shopper and whether you're looking for style, sound quality or build quality, you can be sure there's something out there for you.


Here, we look at a number of our favourites.


Build quality: Sennheiser MX 365


It's no secret that many budget headphones are simply not built to last. For this reason, it's important that you take some time to consider the build quality of the headphones available to you before buying.


When it comes to build quality, we think there's no better budget pair of headphones than Sennheiser's MX 365.

Headphojnes On A Budget _1

The build quality of any cheap Sennheiser in ear headphones will be outstanding and the MX 365 pair is no different. Those looking for the on-ear equivalent should look towards the 205 range.


Sound quality: Sony ZX300


Sound quality is perhaps the most important thing to consider when shopping for a new pair of headphones - especially if you consider yourself a music connoisseur. The clarity of treble and bass can have a massive impact on the way we hear a song and when it comes to sound quality, it's generally better to lean toward on-ear headphones rather than in-ear varieties.


We like the Sony ZX300 on-ear headphones. They offer a subtly stylish design and promise the sort of sound quality you'd expect from any Sony product.

Headphojnes On A Budget _2

If sound quality is important to you, it might be best to avoid wireless headphones - at this price range anyway. While wireless technology has come a long way, the best units are those at the top end of the market so you're unlikely to find the same quality among budget headphones.


Style and design: GOJI Tinchy Stryder


If you're keen to use your headphones on the go, there's no shame in wanting something a little more stylish than usual. The good news is that many headphone manufacturers have catered for this.


Skullcandy are known for their extensive range of colours, available with both in-ear and on-ear headphones. If you like the look of Dr Dre's Beats range but can't fork out the money, it might be worth looking at Tinchy Stryder's new headphone range, made by Goji. These headphones follow the subtle style of Dr Dre's Beats range but come without the hefty price tag.


Practicality: Philips SHS4800


A lot of people choose to use headphone whilst doing exercise, whether at the gym or just taking a run in the park.


For those who choose to do so, this can bring in a few new requirements. First of all, runners will be keen to shop for a pair of headphones that doesn't restrict movement but which also remain firmly in place throughout the exercise.

Headphojnes On A Budget _3


Philips offers a number of reasonably priced headphones which strap onto the user's ear and our favourite is the SHS4800 which combine striking style with superior comfort ideal for sports use.


The ear hooks of this model will not only ensure that the headphones don't come free, but it will maintain the quality of the sound by keeping them firmly in place too.