Monster teams up with Alexa and reveals true wireless headphones at CES 2017

We dropped in on the Monster press conference at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, to find out what the audio experts had in store for 2017…

05 Jan 2017


2016 was a great year in audio innovation for Monster. The release of their Clarity HD Bluetooth headphones saw a new approach to headphone control, using tap and swipe touchpad ear cups instead of traditional physical controls. They also reimagined a retro classic in the music world – the boombox. The resurrection of the 80’s classic took form in their Blaster model, breathing new contemporary life into the design and power of the street audio system. So, what have they got in store for 2017?Monster iSport

Monster’s first totally wireless headphones – AirLinks Elements 

When truly wireless headphones were first released, they were less than practical. Sound quality was shaky and there was always the worry that you’d lose an earbud on your commute or morning run. Now however, completely wireless headphones have much more advanced designs.

Monster say that AirLinks Elements headphones not only boast a totally solid signal between the two earbuds, but also premium sound quality to get you the best from your music.

The Monster AirLinks Elements headphones are boasting a seriously blingy new design too. The buds feature a gold faceted design inlaid with a single diamond (not real, sadly). If bling isn’t your thing though, don’t worry – Monster have confirmed that they will soon be releasing an iSport version of the earbuds following the Element’s release.


Monster, meet Alexa. Alexa, meet Monster

We were already given the nudge by the experts at CES that voice activation was going to be among the biggest trends for the tech of 2017.

Now, Monster have just unveiled that they will incorporating Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, into their range of Soundstage home speakers.Monster home speaker

Originally designed with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatability, Soundstage speakers are able to stream your favourite music straight from your home. The founder of Monster today, however, announced that this new voice controlled advancement will really “put Monster on the Map”. 

It doesn’t stop there though. By partnering with wireless technology experts, Melody, Monster plan to incorporate voice recognition into the headphones of the future. In the announcement, Speak Music President Dean Summers invited us to “imagine a set of headphones where you can interact directly with the headphones to control all of your most popular music services.” From listening to the radio to Spotify, could this soon be the way we listen to music?


A new immersive gaming headset

Monster teamed up with entrepreneur and competitive gaming champion Fatal1ty to create a versatile and durable headset designed specifically for gamers.

Crafted with a steel core headband, resin and ultra-strong plastic, the FXM200 is designed to be lightweight and comfortable for long hours of gaming. In fact, the FXM200 headphones are so light that they weigh only 8 ounces – that’s just over one cup of sugar.

Gamers can see some serious benefits from the over ear design. This sound isolation blocks out any background sounds, allowing you to become fully immersed in whatever world you’re playing in.

The FXM200 goes further than gaming though. Simply detach the noise-cancelling microphone and you can use the headphones to listen to music. You can also answer phone calls, and enjoy complete compatibility across PC, console and smartphone.


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