Be careful when you´re changing tunes

29 Sep 2011


Didn’t your mum always warn you that you should pay attention when you cross the road?

Focus on the road, not your iPod, when you cross the street

Well clearly some of us are not heeding the advice. We’re paying attention to our gadgets while vehicles are speeding past us.

A survey has found more than a tenth (11%) of pedestrians regularly cross the road while they’re distracted by a gadget. I’m surprised it’s not higher to be quite honest with you – who can say they have never switched to the next song on their mp3 player while they cross the road?

It’s hardly shocking that LV= Insurance’s poll found that 4% of people had sent an email or a text message while crossing the road.

And we’re well aware of the danger we are putting ourselves in. Almost a third (31%) of people recognised that their safety on the road has been jeopardised by a gadget at one stage or another.

When you factor in boy racers who try and beat their satnav’s estimated journey time, gadgets have quite a lot to answer for when it comes to road safety.

But are they really any worse than the everyday distractions we encounter while we’re walking down the street? If you can’t use a gadget responsibly while you’re crossing the road then you’re probably the sort of person who walks into lampposts on a regular basis.

Nobody has called for a clampdown on attractive members of the opposite sex, cute looking dogs or hard-to-unwrap boiled sweets – all of which can distract you while you’re making your way to the other side of the road. So perhaps it isn’t too surprising that gadgets won’t be forced from our hands just yet.

All that needs to be exercised (as well as yourself, as you walk down the road) is a little bit of common sense. It’s not too much to ask to watch where you’re going and will save you the embarrassment of bumping into strangers, too.

To prove that it can be done sensibly, I’ve composed, edited and uploaded this entire blog post from my tablet while I’m walking down the street – it’s perfectly sa…

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