NEWS: New Site For Grandparents Launched

09 May 2011


Dixons1105061337381-1.jpgIn an effort to help the UK’s grandparents reap the benefits of using the internet, a new social networking platform has been launched.
Offered by the creators of Mumsnet, Gransnet is a forum-based website specially designed for older people.
Through the site, the country’s 14 million grandparents will be able to share their thoughts on a variety of subjects such as relationships, hobbies, news, culture and grandparenting.
Justine Roberts, founder and chief of Mumsnet, said: “Grandparents now provide support to a third of working mothers so a forum to discuss the many and varied grandparenting issues that arise with other grandparents should be invaluable.
“Mumsnet has proved to be a godsend to parents by allowing them to pool advice and information to make their lives easier.
“The Mumsnet community has given a powerful collective voice to a group that was previously somewhat disenfranchised.
“We’d like to do the same for older people, who are arguably even more isolated and unheard and in need of a place for peer-to-peer support, advice and friendship.”
Adding to this, Gransnet editor Geraldine Bedell said: “Many grandparents are very active and vital to their families, as well as being busy, learning and full of ideas and opinions.
“Yet people in the second half of life often feel we aren’t very visible, or even expected to have much of an identity. We hope Gransnet will help change that.”