Ultimate guide to Spotify’s new look

Spotify unveils its new darker, artist-focused design and features to make listening to music more personal. Spotify says ´playing your favourite music has never looked so good´. We take a look...

Everyone needs a makeover now and again - even music streaming services with millions of members. 

Spotify revealed its new look across laptop, desktop, web, mobile and tablet last week.

Spotify On Phone

The redesign is described as "Spotify Paints It Black" on its website - referencing the classic Rolling Stones track of the same name. 

The blacker, sharper re-design puts the focus on the music and makes Spotify a more personal experience for music fans.

A post on the Spotify Blog says with a "new darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography, playing your favourite music has never looked so good".

But how does it stand in the style vs substance stakes?

We investigate. 

Streaming nation

The internet has revolutionised how we listen to music - first through MP3 files, then through streaming services. 

Last year the number of songs listened to via streaming services doubled to 7.4 billion, according to industry body the BPI. 

Some 24 million people across the globe have a Spotify account, while both Apple and YouTube are reportedly set to launch music streaming services.

New Spotify - the main differences 

Paint It Black 

Spotify Your Music

Spotify has given itself a new look which lets the music do the talking. Its backgrounds have been made dark and stark, in a bid to make everything secondary to the music. 

Spotify says the inspiration came from the cinema - where a movie projects from a sea of blackness.

"It's like when you go to the cinema, and they dim the lights, and the movie steps forward and takes over the room," Spotify's director of product Michelle Kadir told The Guardian.
Consequently the album artwork fizzes and pops from the screen. Artist and user photos appear in circles and album artwork in squares. 

Your Music - tunes tailored to you 

Until now, users have been able to save their favourite songs into collaboration playlists only. But with the new Your Music function you create a personal collection containing everything you love.  

A + symbol has been placed next to each individual song or album in Spotify - clicking on it adds it to your personal collection.

It appears under the 'songs' section of Your Music, as well as under the artists section and albums section - provided it was released on an LP.

Kadir told Wired.co.uk: "We now have 'plus' buttons on every single artist, track and album that you can save, without having to think about which playlist you want to save it to.

"You just press plus on the track you want to keep and it will end up in a list called 'Songs'. The same goes for albums."

A post on the Spotify Blog said Your Music helps you "save, organise and browse your favourite music the way you want to".


Spotify Browse

Staring at Spotify's home screen can be intimidating - with so much choice it's sometimes difficult to work out what you want to listen to. But with tweaks to the Browse feature, that's set to get easier.

Spotify will now suggest playlists and songs to help you find "the right music for every moment".

A post on the Spotify Blog read: "Regardless of whether you're looking for something to fall asleep to, or the perfect playlist to get you geared up for your big night out, finding the right music for every moment is easier than ever."

For example, for someone logging into Spotify at 8am on a Wednesday, a playlist such as 'Midweek Mornings' may be suggested to them.

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