Walking with Dinosaurs digital relaunch

The pre-historic age is set to meet the technological age this year as the BBC relaunches Walking with Dinosaurs

07 Jan 2013


From Jurassic Park to Turok you don't have to spend too long searching for a reference to dinosaurs in pop culture.


Whether it's their mysterious disappearance, monstrous size or T-Rex's small arms, the pre-historic beasties have always captured our imagination.

With that in mind it's no surprise that over the last 14 years 'Walking with Dinosaurs' has been one of the BBC's biggest success stories, and this year it is bringing Stegosaurus and co into the apps age.

During 2013 gamers, cinema-goers, tablet and smartphone users will all be bombarded with the franchise, which has already spawned a successful TV series and stage show. You can forget about superheroes - they were so last year.

The BBC has wasted no time in kicking off its 2013 dino extravaganza, launching www.walkingwithdinosaurs.com this week.

Designed by the Red interactive agency, the new site offers a host of interactive features and up-to-date information on our understanding of dinosaurs, which is still evolving.

Around eight of the world's leading palaeontologists - probably not Ross Gellar - work with the BBC to make sure the facts portrayed are always as accurate as possible.

Amanda Hill, chief brands officers at BBC Worldwide, explained that the mantra across all of the endeavours will be to incorporate "fun, fear and facts".

With the balance between those three pillars of Walking with Dinosaurs set to shift depending on each medium, PS3 owners can expect an entertaining romp for the Wonderbook.

Following on from the recent successful release of JK Rowling's Book of Spells, the Walking with Dinosaurs Wonderbook effort allows gamers to travel the world searching for dinosaur bones, piece the skeletons together and watch them come to life - makes the glue-it-yourself plastic models we got as kids sound a bit rubbish eh?

There is currently no release date for the game, which will feature a host of other interactive experiences as well, although it is expected to hit shelves this autumn/winter.

Everything is building up to the main event, which will be Walking with Dinosaurs 3D hitting cinema screens on December 20. The film, produced using the 3D expertise of Avatar director James Cameron's company, will tell the story of a family of dinosaur characters torn apart by rivalry and competition.

For idle thumbs in the meantime, there will be two new apps called Walking with Dinosaurs: Digisaurus and Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside their World.

The first allows Apple iOS device users to point access a hidden digital scene by pointing their device at a special poster, while Inside their World is an all-encompassing encyclopaedia narrated by Stephen Fry.

BBC Worldwide executive vice president of digital entertainment Robert Nashak said: "We are bringing fans an entirely new Walking with Dinosaurs digital experience with an all new website, upcoming apps and a Sony Wonderbook game for PS3.

"Each digital component will give consumers an immersive, 360 degree perspective of these amazing and awesome creatures. There is nothing else like it out there for dinosaur fans."