What does your Spotify Year in Music say about you?

Spotify has released its annual recap of personal listening habits. From your top 5 albums to your changing tastes throughout the seasons, see what your results say about you…

The Year in Music tool rounds up interesting stats about the music you listened to on Spotify over the past year.  

Once you log in, you can see at a glance:

  • your top 5 most listened-to albums, artists and tracks
  • how many days, hours and minutes you spent listening this year
  • the top 3 artists you enjoyed each season

So, do your results paint you as a cool cucumber, a die-hard muso or an proud pop-hits lover? It’s all very well telling everyone how much you love Nick Drake, but Spotify will call your bluff when Little Mix trump him in your top 5 albums.

Data never lies. Here’s what your results say about you…

The trend-lover

Your top 5 artists? Drake, Rihanna, Drake and Rihanna… You know your Jess Glynne from your Jessie J, your Bieber from your Bon Iver. And you never – ever – miss the chance to throw some shapes on a packed dance floor (as long as you approve of the music).

The vintage luminary

Your top 5 tracks were all golden oldies, and your top 5 artists were all wearing bow ties and pencil dresses in their Spotify profile pics. You’ve got an ear for a classic, and a wardrobe to match. You’re most likely to be found curled up with a great book on the weekend, feet resting on your original 50s footstool, real fire crackling in the hearth.

The professional popster

From One Direction to old-school Britney, you’ve got a soft spot for a catchy tune, and you’re not averse to a bit of Steps once in a while. Whenever you’re in the car, at the supermarket, at the gym or just vegging out on the sofa, you’ll be humming along to your favourites. And right now, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You blasts out of your speakers, daily.

The metalhead

Not one of your top 5 tracks lasts for less than 8 minutes, and many of them get into double figures. Your top 5 albums are the same every year, and why wouldn’t they be? It’s not like you’ll ever get bored of The Number of the Beast. You’re never seen in public without a band t-shirt (black) and a set of top-of-the-range headphones (all the better for hearing those masterful solos).

The superfan

Your favourite band dominate your top 5 lists – they’re your number 1 artist, and the individual members’ side projects make up the next 4 spots. Your top 5 most-listened-to tracks happen to be the first 5 from their debut album. Your wardrobe is designed to emulate the band’s most-famous looks, and it features the stack of t-shirts and hoodies you bought during their last arena tour. At the weekend, you’ll head to the pub with your mates from the band forum and discuss the finer points of their latest record...

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