3 wireless multi-room speakers we love

With a wireless multi-room speaker system you can fill your home with music. Here we look at three of our favourites and explain why we love them so.

With a wireless multi-room speaker system you can fill your home with music. Here we look at three of our favourites and explain why we love them so.

With a wireless multi-room system you can

  • create a network of speakers throughout your home, with different speakers in different rooms.
  • play music through online streaming services, as well as the music stored on your smartphone or tablet.
  • listen to different music in each room or the same music across the whole house.


How does multi-room work?

With a multi-room system, separate speakers in different rooms will connect wirelessly to create a network via your home's Wi-Fi.

You can control what you're listening to with a smartphone or tablet app.

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LG Music Flow

LG Music Flow H7


LG launched its multi-room system earlier this year, offering a range of clever features that caught our eye.

The range is made up of three different-sized speakers. You can start with just one speaker and add more as and when you like - the H7 is a great option for your main living room speaker.

You can play music stored on your smartphone or tablet, or stream from services such as Spotify, Deezer and Napster.

The speakers are able to play hi-resolution audio (HRA) files for better-than-CD-quality music. The MP3 files we listen to through digital download and streaming sites are compressed, giving a lower resolution than CDs and vinyl. But music streamed in HRA gives greater detail and texture and provides a listening experience closer to how the music was recorded.

The inclusion of NFC (near field communication) technology is really clever. Simply tap your phone against a speaker when you walk into a room and it will begin playing the music you were listening to in the room you've just left.

Use the Music Flow app to control the music being played by each speaker - you can have them all play the same music, or select different music for each.

What we really love: The clever NFC pairing that lets your music follow you from room to room and the support for high-resolution audio

What our experts say: 'The LG multi-room system impresses with its ability to play hi-res FLAC files in addition to MP3 files. This, coupled with handy features such as the ability to use an NFC-enabled device to have music follow you around the home, proves that LG Music Flow is a strong competitor to existing multi-room systems.'

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Wireless Multiroom - Sonos Pic To Use On Media Tab


Sonos is the most well-known multi-room system and has just been named best multi-room system £500+ at the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision awards.

With Sonos you can expect rich, well-balanced sound and an easy, fuss-free set up. Use the app to connect your speaker directly to your Wi-Fi in a few simple steps.

You can build your network as your budget allows, beginning with a single speaker and adding as many as 32 across the different rooms in your home. 

Speakers range from the portable and budget friendly Play:1 to the larger and louder Play:3 and Play:5. You can add new speakers in a few simple steps using the smartphone app.

The app also controls the music that's playing in each room. You can stream Spotify, Deezer and other online music services through your Sonos, as well as playing music stored on your tablet, smartphone or computer.

A new partnership with Deezer means you will be able to stream music at CD quality or higher through your Sonos speakers. Sonos and Deezer Elite launches in 2015.

Sonos speakers have won numerous awards over the years, and it's seen as the go-to multi-room set up.
What we really love: The combination of full-bodied sound, multi-room heritage and easy, fuss-free set up

What our experts say: 'Sonos has created a versatile system that will replace the traditional hi-fi in many homes. Controlling your music from a phone, tablet or computer is ideal for a connected world and makes it easy to select your music from a variety of sources.'


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Bose SoundTouch

Bose Sound Touch 20


Bose has long been synonymous with quality home audio, and now they have brought their expertise to the world of multi-room.

The SoundTouch system launched last year with three speakers to choose from.

As with the other systems you can start with one speaker in any room and add additional speakers whenever you choose. There's a mode for listening to the same music through each speaker, as well as playing different music in each room.

You can control everything from the smartphone or tablet app and use the preset buttons on the top of your speaker to save your favourite music services. 

You can also play music stored on your tablet or phone, or stream internet radio through services such as Pandora. If you have an iPad or iPhone you can also stream music via AirPlay.

What we love: The preset buttons on the top of the speaker give you access to the music you love, fast.

What our experts say: 'The Bose SoundTouch system sounds great and is easy to control using the SoundTouch app. It supports streaming services and Airplay in addition to your own music, and its handy 6 presets make quick work of selecting your favourite music.' 

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