Amplify your home entertainment with the new Sonos Beam

If you want the immense surround-sound quality of a sound bar without the hefty price tag, check out the Sonos Beam…

27 Jun 2018


Sonos Beam

If your TV speakers need a little more oomph, but you want to keep to a tighter budget, Sonos’ new compact sound bar could be the answer.


Awesome audio

Equipped with five inbuilt speakers, the Sonos Beam 3.0 packs a punch. Whether listening to music, watching a movie or tuning into your favourite podcast, Sonos’ rich and balanced sound puts you at the heart of the action.

Struggling to hear the dialogue in your favourite TV show? You won’t have a problem with the Beam – Speech Enhancement Mode ensures you’ll never miss a word, even when the characters whisper.

Still want a bit more depth from your home entertainment? Then link up the Beam with a Sonos Sub wireless subwoofer for even more audio clout. Available in Black or White, this specialist bass device perfectly enhances your Sonos audio experience.

Sonos smart features

Smart features

Exquisite audio isn’t all the Sonos Beam provides. The Amazon Echo – aka Alexa – is built into this compact sound bar. Want to turn the volume up or down, or turn the TV off completely? Simply ask Alexa. You won’t even need to get out of your chair.

You can also remotely take control by downloading the Sonos app to your smartphone, using AirPlay on an iOS device or via your favourite music streaming app.


Minimalist style

The Beam’s clever tech, pitch-perfect sound and favourable price tag might catch your attention – however, the aesthetics wont. It’s compact enough not to block your view or overhang furniture – ideal for smaller rooms – and is available in Black or White to suit your home décor.

Sonos Hassle-free set up

Hassle-free set-up

The Sonos Beam is super easy to set up. There’s no need to trail unsightly leads around your home or drill holes in your walls to hide them. Just connect a HDMI cable between your TV and the Beam, download the Sonos app and you’re away. The HMDI cable is even included in the box.

Continuous software updates are made to the Beam too, so it – and the apps connected to it – are always ready to go.


It won’t break the bank

And the cherry on the cake – it’s a lot more affordable than other sound systems. You can enjoy the iconic sound of Sonos for a lot cheaper than most other sound bars on the market, so it’s perfect for when you’re building up a home entertainment system.


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