Finding the right wireless speaker for your student halls

Make sure your uni memories are filled with music. Whether that´s at a houseparty, a picnic in the park or on pre night-out drinks, we reveal the perfect speakers for your halls...

Half of your university days will be spent at lectures, writing essays and studying for your final exams. The other half will be spent on nights out, at parties or in the park with friends who will last a life time. Make sure you make these moments memorable with music. Here we reveal the ideal speakers for different situations, to help you choose what is best for you:

House party: Multi-room speaker system

House Party

Hosting a house party can be a stressful affair. With a wireless multi-room speaker system, at least the playlist doesn’t have to be.

Multi-room speaker systems allow you to play music directly from your tablet or smartphone over your wireless network. You can have a speaker in every room, to make sure the party keeps going wherever you are.

To take your party to the next level, you can have different music playing in each room. Chart music in the living room for the dancers, a bit of rock in the kitchen to keep the indie guys happy, and chill out in the dining room for the chatters.

People can also add to the playlist you have created. It’s like requesting songs from the DJ, without having to have one person spending all night updating and adding tracks.

There are loads of different multi-room speaker systems, learn more about our favourites here.

View the range of multi-room speaker systems.

Pre-night out drinks: Soundbar

Sofa Drinks

We know what it’s like! You are skint, so you try and get a few drinks in before you head out to the Union or club to save a bit of money. And you also want to get yourself in the mood, so you stick a bit of music on.

A soundbar is a great option. It is a long thin speaker that sits under your TV, and offers an upgraded sound to your TV’s speakers. As well as being great for watching movies, it’s fantastic for putting a music channel or radio station on before you hit the town. This way there is no arguing about whose playlist gets to goes on.

You can also connect to a lot of the soundbars in the range over WiFi, so if you do have a playlist that everyone agrees with, you can put that on too!

View the range of soundbars.

Garden party or day in the park: Portable speaker

Students Portable Speaker

Sometimes it’s nice to get outside. Whether you are having a BBQ in the garden or a picnic in the park, make sure you take your tunes with you with a portable speaker.

The majority of these wireless speakers stream music from your laptop, tablet or phone over Bluetooth.  They often feature cool, good-looking designs too.

They are perfect for slipping in your bag and taking with you wherever you go. This way you don’t have to rely on the speaker in your phone, which can often sound quiet and tinny. And because they are so portable you can take them anywhere. Why not take a break from your housemates with a nice relaxing bath, and some chill out music or even whale song to chill you out? Just don’t fall asleep!

View the range of portable wireless speakers.

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