If God is a DJ, what´s his sound system like?

13 Dec 2010


If you love music then you’ll find spending your time and money on it as easy as finding the middle C on a piano. Whether it’s the freshest hip-hop from the east coast of America or a classic rock ‘n’ roll track perfected in a dark Liverpool club, you know when it hits the right notes.

Nothing beats playing with the equaliser settings on a hi-fi to get it just right for a particular song. Turn up the bass a notch more and Tupac sounds even better.

OK, so the best way to listen to music is to be there in the front row, soaking up the atmosphere (and normally about three pints which are chucked over you during the band’s set). But when there’s no gigs on, sitting on the sofa and leafing through CD catalogues of old forgotten favourites is absolute bliss.

front row fans.jpg
****Nothing beats standing in the front row, but a good hi-fi comes close****

What you need is a hi-fi worthy of the tunes being played on it. A top of the range hi-fi with 30-watt stereo speakers it is ideal for the job. Although the neighbours might not be too impressed… “The walls are paper thin around here, y’know?”

The internet is a must if you want to be listening to The Smiths of tomorrow and not yesterday’s Milli Vanilli. Millions and millions of tracks are waiting to be listened to on MySpace, iTunes and Facebook, all for you to cast your discerning ear over.

Handling streaming audio is a doddle for a powerful laptop, but its processor will really be put to good use with audio mixing programs. Alternatively, if you fancy yourself as the next Fatboy Slim then maybe an Apple laptop should be on your shopping list, so you can marry it with Cubase and get mixing the ingredients of a musical cake.

If mixing isn’t your thing then maybe you’re down the studio, laying down a track that’s going to take over the radio waves. Guitars, bass, drums, violins – whatever it takes to put together those four minutes of genius.

There’s never a moment in life that couldn’t be improved by the perfect soundtrack. Carting around a stack of CDs on public transport is no fun, so it’s great that mp3 players can fit thousands of tunes in your pocket these days.

But what good is all the great music you’ve lovingly collected together if you can’t hear it over the sound of the Central Line tracks rattling? A quality set of headphones should help you get lost in the sound of Frank Sinatra, just remember not to break into song. You’re not on your own when you’re belting out My Way, even if the noise cancelling tricks your mind into thinking so.

It would be a dream to assemble such a musical arsenal. The best chance most of us will have is by finding the £10k Golden Ticket and blowing it all on the best audio gear money can buy.