Sun gets revellers in the music festival mood

Many of us have spent the past few days lolling around in the park, trying to look cool in designer shades and wishing for our sunburnt shoulders to turn golden brown as thoughts turn to the key summer festival issues of guitars, camping and finding the right wellington boots.

The recent hot weather has got many of us in the festival mood

Come the summer hundreds of thousands of us will decamp to fields across the country to kick back and listen to moody boys in tight jeans and t-shirts strumming chords major and minor while we sit somewhere in the distance sipping warm beer and climbing onto our mate’s shoulders.

The April sun started shining after many music festivals announced which rockers and DJs would be gracing their stages, and this early summer weather is likely to have been the final push needed by many ‘maybes’ to get on the phone, buy tickets and confirm their attendance – for festivals that hadn’t sold out, that is!

All of this made the Easter bank holiday the perfect time to lay back in the sunshine, lather yourself in sun cream and swot up on the headline acts via your eBook Reader – while listening to their tracks on your iPod Classic, too.

But whether you will be watching U2 and Elbow at Glastonbury in June, or Arctic Monkeys and Plan B at the V Festival in August, there is one thing you will have to decide first: Which tech will you be taking along for the ride?

If you’re not too keen on Alex Turner and his Arctic Monkeys, but are heading to V Festival with a group of mates who go gaga for them, an iPod Classic may come in handy. So, while they’re all singing along to A Certain Romance, you can wander off, plug your earphones in and rock out to the tunes you – not your mates – love.

Two or three days of solid gigging can get a bit much for even the most ardent rock ‘n’ roll fan. If you fancy getting away from the guitars, sweat and screaming for half an hour, a Sony eBook Reader could be the answer. Find a quiet corner – if such a thing exists at a music festival – open up your reader and fall under the spell of your favourite author before heading back to the mosh-pit fully rejuvenated.

If you have wandered away from your mates to watch a different band and want to find them again, you’ll be thankful for your mobile phone. This BlackBerry Curve 8520 should help you all reunite at the end of the night – or let you ring those back home to tell them just how amazing Eminem was.

But festivals are all about making memories, right? So that makes digital cameras number one on the list of essential festival tech. If you’re looking for something that will take great pictures of you and your mates while also being funky enough to accessorise with your meticulously planned festival outfit, the fetching Panasonic Lumix is a decent shout.

For festival-goers wanting to document more than them and their mates having a laugh to a brilliant soundtrack, the SLR digital camera is the way forward. Although carrying a weightier price tag, these cameras offer impressive zoom lenses to get up-close-and-personal shots of bands on stage.

Also, if the lead guitarist throws his arm above his head to windmill just before you shoot, you’ll be thankful of the impressive focus delivered by the shutter mechanism feature of SLRs.

So you’ve got your festival tickets, the tan is coming along nicely thanks to the recent heat wave and we’ve given you a few tech pointers – all that remains now is for the bands to do the business on the day and the sun to keep on shining!

Are you going to a festival this year? If so which devices will you take with you? Comment below…