Top Three Audiophile Headphones

When it comes to the music we love, there´s no substitute for high quality sound. Whether it´s Sammy Davis Jr. or Vivaldi that plays the soundtrack to your life, there are few things in life more pleasurable than hearing your favourite songs through a great sound system.

When it comes to the music we love, there's no substitute for high quality sound. Whether it's Sammy Davis Jr. or Vivaldi that plays the soundtrack to your life, there are few things in life more pleasurable than hearing your favourite songs through a great sound system.


Headphones may have sprung from convenience and privacy many years ago, but today they are the audiophile's choice when it comes to finding that crispness of sound. For a fraction of the price that a set of top end speakers will cost you, it's possible to buy some incredibly advanced headphones.


Needless to say, the headphones market today is huge. Everything from budget in ear headphones to wireless, noise cancelling headsets are on the shelves. Here, we take a look at three of the finest sets of headphones that money can buy.


Beats By Dr Dre Studio 2.0 Noise Cancelling Headphones


Headphone technology today goes well beyond simply producing great quality sound. In addition to this, today's foremost headphones are able to cancel out external noise, helping you to get the most from your listening experience.


These noise cancelling headphones can detect outside noise and play the complete opposite into your ears. The effect is that the external noise is cancelled out, allowing you to listen to your music in complete and utter peace.


Audiophile _1


Dr Dre's headphones have been on the market for a few years now and have firmly cemented their reputation among the very best, and deservedly so! Not only do the headphones achieve the very best sound quality but they are among the most stylish headphones on the market.


Noise cancelling headphones like these are an ideal choice for those who like to listen to music while they're about town. If you're often annoyed by external noise from public places interrupting your sonic experience, it's time to take action against it.


Bose Quiet Comfort 20i Noise Cancelling Headphones


It will be no surprise to see a Bose product featuring on a list of the finest headphones. Bose has been one of the biggest names in the headphone industry for some time, and for good reason. It may, however, come as a surprise to see a pair of in-ear headphones on that same list.


The truth is that noise cancelling technology today is so good that it's possible to create a completely private listening experience with a pair of in-ear headphones. Before noise cancelling technology was brought to the headphone market, this simply would not have been possible.


For obvious reasons, this Bose pair is best suited to those looking for a highly portable set of headphones which does not compromise on sound quality. Not only can they be used while on the move but they will afford the user complete freedom of movement. In-ear headphones remain the best option for active music fans who can't do without their favourite album when they head out for a run.


The range on these Bose headphones is incredible, given their small size and weight. Those looking for a lightweight pair of headphones which is able to rival any other when it comes to bass delivery should look no further than the Quiet Comfort 20i headphones.


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Sennheiser MM450X Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones


Sennheiser is another name which rings a great many bells in the ear of the headphone industry. Since the end of World War 2, Sennheiser has been pioneering audio equipment.


No longer do the firm operate out of a university laboratory, however. Today, Sennheiser headphones are available all over the world.


Through the years, we've seen a number of Sennheiser designs completely change the market. Today, they continue to sit at the forefront of headphone design. The MM450X model is yet another prime example of the firm's ability to produce cutting edge equipment which acts as a benchmark for all other manufacturers.


The MM450X is designed to be a compromise between substantial and portable designs. The over-ear headset offers the user a suitably hard hitting sound. However, the ability for the headphones to fold neatly away allows them to be transported with ease.


The MM450X headphones use Bluetooth technology to shun wires, making them a great choice for users keen to listen to music whilst moving around their home. Many of us use headphones when we're on the move but the common downside is that we're unable to use larger, higher quality audio devices.


The development of wireless headphone technology allows us to wander freely around our home while connected to our hi-fi separate system. This is great news for all audiophiles.