What London listens to on the move

16 Aug 2016


Think you know what’s on London’s travel playlist? Reckon the capital loves the same music as you? To coincide with the launch of the night tube we asked over 800 Londoners what they listen to when navigating the capital, whether it’s on the train, tube, bus or on foot. The survey results are in and they’re surprising. London’s favourite genres and artists aren’t quite what you’d think.

So if you’re intrigued to know if Adele or Skepta is top of your fellow passengers’ playlists, check out our infographic below. It’s jam-packed with interesting stats and facts about London’s music tastes.

London Soundtrack

And if you want to get a feel for London’s favourite tracks, grab your headphones and tune into our dedicated Spotify playlist, created from our survey of London’s favourite music. Featuring all the top tracks from the capital’s favourite artists, it’s an inside glimpse into the beat of the city.


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