Will.i.am and 50 Cent among celebs at CES 2013

The Voice judge Will.i.am, rapper 50 Cent and Lemmy from English rockers Motorhead were among those making an appearance at CES 2013

10 Jan 2013


Celebs love spending their wealth on the latest tech so it's only natural the annual CES has a smattering of A-listers mingling among the glittering gadgets.

1) 50 Cent Signing Autographs At CES 2013

This year is no different, with The Voice judge Will.i.am, rapper 50 Cent and Lemmy from English rockers Motorhead among those making an appearance.
Will.i.am swapped his seat on the panel of the BBC talent show for one with the Next Generation of Innovators at CES 2013 on Tuesday.
Speaking during a panel about entrepreneurship and innovation, he told the assembled crowd he was a "pop-thrologist".
Thousands of tech professionals had crammed into the hall to listen to Will.i.am discuss his approach to developing ideas for clients.
He said: "I like to go places to see what's happening. I like to feel what's happening. And then I go create. I like to go places and sponge everything up. I just sponged up this whole room."
The Black Eyed Peas star is a known early adopter of tech, and this wasn't his first time at CES. Last year he called Intel's ultrabook laptop his "ghetto blaster".
However, at this year's event he had his own ranges to promote. Namely, the i.am+ iPhone accessory which boosts the camera to 14megapixels.
The star revealed how social media helped him gauge the vibe of an audience before he took to the stage, and also how they felt once he left the stage.
CES always attracts a smattering of celebs. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are among those who've attended in the past.
But tech is all about going forward, so let's talk about the here and now.
Blink-182 fans were left star-struck when drummer Travis Barker popped up at the Pioneer booth to scribble his signature for the crowds.
From rockers to rappers, they all love their tech. And US hip-hop star 50 Cent rolled in to Da Club on Wednesday to promote his headphones.
Crowds clamoured to get a piece of 50, with hundreds of cameras held aloft as he wandered out from the back and casually took up his seat for a marathon of autograph signing.
Meanwhile, Danny Devito chatted with Panasonic and 20th Century Fox about what the future holds for the convergence of entertainment and tech.
Rockers, rappers and talent-show judging tech addicts - CES 2013 has them all.