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Laptops, desktops & tablets
What desktop PC should I buy? 20 July 2018

Need a new computer? Desktop PCs deserve your attention. We’ve got the perfect match for every home…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
What is a 2 in 1 laptop? 20 July 2018

Get the best of a tablet and a laptop with a 2 in 1 device – they’re great with Windows 10…

Software and apps
How to protect your child’s computer from viruses 19 July 2018

We’ve teamed up with Internet Matters to show you how to keep your child and their first laptop safe online…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
5 things to consider when buying a laptop for your child 19 July 2018

Buying your child their first laptop? Here are the important points you’ll need to think about…

Windows 10
Windows Premium Collection – which laptop is right for you? 17 July 2018

Need a new laptop? Go with the Windows Premium Collection for future-proof tech and design…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
What laptop should I buy? 16 July 2018

Buying a new laptop for yourself or someone else? Find the right one with our quick and easy guide…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
What is a 2 in 1 laptop and why is it good for students? 15 July 2018

If you can’t decide between a laptop and a tablet, then a 2 in 1 may be the best computer for you…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
How to buy the best family PC 14 July 2018

After a new family PC? Before you spend your hard-earned cash, here’s what you need to consider…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
What 2 in 1 laptop should I buy? 13 July 2018

Student, creative or businessperson? Get the best of a laptop and a tablet with a 2-in-1 device…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
4 reasons to upgrade your laptop now 12 July 2018

Having trouble with your laptop? Here are 4 reasons it may be time for an upgrade…


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