5 apps to help you stay organised at uni

Your first term at uni is a chaotic time of change, of heightened expectations and heightened hangovers. Stay organised with these 5 apps.

22 Jun 2015


Never miss a lecture or run out of money at uni again. We bring you the top 5 apps to keep you on the ball at university:

1) The best for digital brain dumps - Evernote

Evernote App

Read something funny online you want to show your mates, but can’t remember where? Seen a top you liked, but forgotten which shop it was in?  What started out as a note-taking app has now evolved into a place where you can brain dump all your digital finds in one place.

Evernote syncs your digital brain pickings across all your devices with the app so you’ll never be disorganised again. You can save documents, PDFs, images, voice recordings, websites, links – anything you like. It also does what you’d expect from its title: you can make notes in it on your tablet in lectures and write to-do lists on your phone.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free

2) The best for revising - Revision App

Revision App

With Revision App, there’s no longer any excuse to stay up for nights on end cramming for exams on a shaky foundation of Monster, Pro Plus and chocolate. 

The aptly named app gives you access to more than 1 million revision notes and flash cards, so you can revise at home without leaving a paper trail of chaos around your shared house or disturbing the bloke next to you on the bus. Different ways of learning, from visual to audio, ensure you learn faster. You can share your own revision cards with your friends too.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free 

3) The best for shopping bargains - RedLaser

Redlaser App

Swiftly sniff out a bargain and save your loan for other things. This straightforward app allows you to scan and search millions of products across thousands of online retailers, including eBay.

As well as finding the lowest prices, you can search product information and reviews. It’s been voted one of the best shopping apps by The New York Times which means it must be all right.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free 

4) The best for making notes - Penultimate

Penultimate App

If you fancy something a bit different and old-school, why not try a handwriting app to keep you focused during lectures and your writing flowing. It works best when you write with a stylus. So you can knock yourself out scribbling lecture notes and maybe even the odd love note.

But be warned, it’ll sync them across all your devices using Evernote. You can also categorise all your notes and search through them easily, so wave goodbye to lost notes penned on sticky notes or the back of receipts.

What for: iPad

How much: Free 

5) The best for pretending you have a personal assistant - 24me

24me App Cropped

When there just aren’t enough hours in the day to organise your hectic social life as well as squeeze in lectures and library visits and remember your brother’s birthday, 24me comes into its own.

Let’s face it, we’d all love our own PA but while we’re dreaming 24me is the next best automated app around. As you might expect, you can easily keep track of tasks but its beauty lies in its ability to link up with your social channels, calendar, bank, phone company and more. So for instance if you set a reminder to call your girlfriend, 24me will link her phone number to the task so it pops up when you’re ready to call. Such simple life hacks save you minutes every day leaving you more time for the fun stuff.  

What for: iOS

How much: Free 

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