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3 ways to save money on printer ink 23 July 2018

Tired of replacing expensive cartridges when they run out? Try a new, cheaper way of printing…

3 best scanners for making your designs digital 07 July 2018

A good scanner is essential for digitalising hand-drawn designs. Here’s our round-up of the best…

Laser printer or inkjet printer – which is right for you? 06 July 2018

Buying a printer? Compare costs, benefits and ink in our inkjet vs laser head-to-head…

How much data storage do I need at uni? 21 June 2018

Heading to uni? You’ll need data that packs a punch. But exactly how much do you need?

5 reasons your home needs a NAS drive 20 June 2018

Wishing it was easier to back-up data from all your family's devices? A NAS drive could be the answer…

What’s the right type of storage for you? 19 June 2018

Should you go with cloud storage, a portable hard drive or both? We’ll help you work it out…

3 essentials for getting set up with a new computer 13 June 2018

Setting up a new computer for school or work? We’ll help you get the best start with the essentials.

How important is the ink you choose for your printer? 27 April 2018

Are cheaper ink cartridges just as good as the branded ones? We debunk some of the myths…

What kind of paper do I need? 26 April 2018

Whether you’re a student printing out your dissertation or an amateur photographer showing off holiday snaps you’re proud of, you’ll need the right type of paper for the job…

Virtual reality is about to go mainstream 08 August 2017

HTC Vive and PlayStation VR headsets, gaming and movies – Google and YouTube. How virtual reality is set to rock your world…


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